Houston Cleburne Cafeteria To Reopen This Week After Rebuilding From FireTheir reopen date is coming up this week!
Alex Bregman Wants Kate Upton To Hook Him Up With One Of Her FriendsAstros third baseman Alex Bregman wants his teammate's new wife to hook him up!
96 Second News: John Mayer Tried To Score A Date Via Instagram; Lady Gaga Is Headed To NetflixFind out who John Mayer tried to score a date with through Instagram, plus why Lady Gaga is in tears in her new documentary...
Is His Boss Hitting On Him Or Is She Just Being Nice?We need some advice for this guy...what should he do about his flirty boss??
It's Getting For Reals Hot Gun Guy Met Lauren Kelly's FamilyIs one month too early?
Lauren Kelly's Date With Hot Gym Guy's Brother, Gabe: Here's How It WentThe date happened! Find out how it went with Lauren and Gabe!
Lauren Kelly's Weekend In Five PhotosHad a good weekend, check out some pictures from it! ☺️
Lauren And Hot Gym Guy's Brother Are Going Out On THE DATE!Hot Guy From the Gym brought in his HOT SINGLE BROTHER! And Lauren's going out with him tonight!
Here's What Happened With Hot Gym Guy In Studio This MorningThis is Ev! AKA, hot guy from the gym. He came by the studio this morning, hear what he said!!
Has Your Mom Ever Set You Up...And Did It Work Out?Lauren Kelly's mom is at it again...#SMH
Ten New Random Stats To Know For This Valentine's DayWe got our hands on some new fun facts while you're celebrating love today...
Wedding Bells For Gwen Stefani and Blake SheltonFinalizing details for the their big day, find out when they're getting hitched, here.

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