Grandma's Drunk and Driving in a BikiniWho's driving with their drunk grandma in a bikini?
Man Gets Stabbed In Heated iPhone/Android DebateThere's NOT an app for everything.
Guy Steals Wallet Then Microwaves ItIt's not clear why he would try to microwave the guy's wallet. Taking it and running makes way less sense.
Man High On Flakka Has Sex With A TreeHe called himself God and did it with a tree. How does that even work? You can't make this stuff up.
Guy Gets Jail Time For CrocsA fashion crime turns into a real crime.
Drunken Fight Over Game Of YatzeeIt's all good till someone breaks out the Boone's Farm.
My Mugshot's CuteWhat is happening to the youth of America?
Best Plea For Parole EverWell that's one way to go about asking for parole.
His Forehead Tattoo Says It AllNice forehead tattoo bruh.
You CAN'T Make This Stuff UP!A guy arrested for growing and selling marijuana with a name VERY fitting.
How NOT To Meet Your Probation OfficerMake sure you always spiffy when you meet them!
Guy Gets Naked to Rob Bank. Gets Caught While Getting Dressed.Who gets naked and robs a bank? This guy.

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