JUST ANNOUNCED: Find Out Who Season 22's 'The Bachelor' Is...The JUST made the announcement on 'Good Morning America'...find out who it is!
Emily Maynard As 'The Bachelorette' Again??She's already had two chances at finding love on reality tv, so do you think Emily Maynard deserves ANOTHER chance at being the 'Bachelorette'?
Emily Maynard compared dating Jef Holm to dyingEmily Maynard has suddenly turned into sour puss Kristen Stewart and now we know why… She was miserable after sticking it out with Jef Holm for the last five months. She said dating him made him feel like she was dying! Kidd and the rest of the morning crew dish out the latest details of this story.
Emily Maynard & Jef Holm: Officially Done!No one can really say they didn't see THIS coming, but the couple just confirmed they are indeed DUNZO!
Relationship roundup- Bachelorette swap and a big Hollywood divorceLots of Hollywood heartache going on right now. One Hollywood couple is heading for a big, expensive divorce and there's some swapping going on in Bachelor/ Bachelorette land. Courtney Robertson snagged the newly single Emily Maynard's sloppy seconds... Take a listen to today's relationship roundup!
Emily Maynard and Jef Holm fake it for the cameras!Jef Holm always seemed to be great at cheesing it up for the camera on The Bachelorette—whether during his lame marionette date with Emily or his corny-as-all-heck confessional videos. Now it’s being rumored that he is using his over-acting skills to keep us all believing that he and Emily are still on their way to a happy ever after ending—when in actuality—it’s OVER.
Emily Maynard busted cheating on Jef Holm?It was a match made in Bachelorette heaven.. No it wasn't. We knew that from the beginning. But now Jef Holm has to face the truth after Emily Maynard is busted cheating! Listen to Kidd and Kellie break down the latest in the relationship that never should have been.
Sean Lowe from the Bachelorette talks about his love for Emily Maynard! Sean Lowe from this season's Bachelorette stopped by the Kidd Kraddick in the Morning studios and gave inside secrets from the show. Sean talks about his relationship with Emily Maynard and the other contestants, how the show is creatively edited, and if he will be the next bachelor. Watch his full interview (ps- He is hot and his sister is pretty good looking too!) below!
Emily Maynard may have had to settle for her fiancé but she still wants to televise their weddingEmily Maynard does walk away from The Bachelorette with a shiny new ring and a fiancé, even though it may not have been the one that she initially picked... But she still wants to televise their wedding! What does Kidd and the morning crew think about this doomed relationship? Listen to what they have to say about it now!
"The Bachelorette's" Sean Lowe The Next "Bachelor"?Emily sent him home last week on "The Bachelorette", now hear what Sean Lowe had to say about finding love, if he'll be the next "Bachelor", and if Kalon McMahon is really as bad as everyone thinks!
Emily Maynard rejected at the rose ceremony but still walks away with a fiancé!This is not a spoiler alert. We all know how the Bachelorette ends.. Emily Maynard leaves with an engagement ring and a temporary fiancé. But she had to settle for this fiancé because the guy that she originally picked turned her down. What? Listen to what Kidd and crew have to say about this!
Emily Maynard gives her final rose to... Chris Harrison?Emily Maynard may not have found happiness with any of her eligible suitors on The Bachelorette because she had her eyes on someone else the whole time… Her heart has always belonged to Chris Harrison. What? How long has this affair been going on? Listen to Kidd break down the latest Bachelorette drama now!

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