Gwen Stefani Tells Reporter "I Love You Too Blake...ish"But wait...was this a joke?? Adam Levine looks shocked!
Kim Kardashian Predicted She'd Be Famous...At 13 Years Old!Hmmmm, it looks as if Kim Kardashian has always known she'd be a video of a 13 year old Kim predict she'd be famous!
'Lauren's Lowdown': 'Entertainment Tonight' Reporter Has Breast Cancer; Adam Levine's New Clothing LineSamantha Harris has just revealed she will be undergoing a double mastectomy, and Adam Levine wants to dress the ladies!
Brad Pitt On New Movie And Its Premiere: 'It's Pretty Damn Cool'Brad Pitt is not only excited about his new movie, but he is also excited about all of the hoopla surrounding his new movie!
Blake Shelton To Officiate Kelly Clarkson’s Wedding
From The 'Huh?' File: Janet Jackson Already Married! Iconic singer and member of the famed Jackson family Janet Jackson confirmed to media outlets Monday that she is married and has been married for over a year!
Prince Michael Jackson's New Gig! Take a moment and recall your first job. Was it babysitting? Were you working your way up from "sandwich stylist" to french fry operator? Chances are you were not an entertainment correspondent; one famous teen however, is.
Lindsay Lohan Surveillance Video Leaked!
Can't Beat Maria: 11/9/10
Can't Beat Maria: 8/10/10

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