Justin Timberlake's Face At World Series Game Says It AllThis photo needs a great caption...
Little Girl Hit In The Face With Ball At Yankees GameThe players on the field felt HORRIBLE, see their reaction.
JJ Watt Signs Fan's Arm Tattoo Of His FaceYou guys have to see this fan's awesome JJ tattoo!
[WATCH] Man Hilariously Swats Bee Away From Brides FaceThis groom saved the day for his bride!!
High School Students Volunteer To Get Pepper Sprayed For Extra CreditWould you allow your child to voluntarily get pepper-sprayed in the face for extra credit??
Michael Phelps "Death Stare" Picture Going ViralMichael took his pre-race DEATH STARE to a whole new level!
Sia Accidentally Showed Her Face In ConcertI guess it's kinda hard to blame the wind...
Amber Heard Accusing Johnny Depp Of Domestic AbuseThese are some serious claims she's got here...
Ted Cruz Accidentally Elbowed His Wife In The FaceThis post has nothing to do with politics, but you have to watch this!
Harriet Tubman To Replace Andrew Jackson On $20 Dollar BillWow, history in the making!
Kim Kardashian Keeps Wearing Her Selfie JacketHave y'all seen this?
Kylie Jenner Put A Mural Of WHAT In Her House??Well now THIS is something we should all have!

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