Celebrating The Holidays With Your Significant Other's Family, How Did The First Time Go?Lauren Kelly is headed to her boyfriend's family's house for Thanksgiving...what should she prepare for?
Lauren Kelly's Weekend In Five PhotosTook a vacay to Galveston with the BF's family, check out how it went!
What's Bigger Than Meeting Your Boyfriend's Parents? Meeting Their DOG.
Lauren Kelly Met Hot Gym Guy's Brother's Fam...this is how it went!
How Did The First Meeting With Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend's Parents Go?Lauren Kelly gets to meet her BF's fam this weekend, hoping all goes well!
All The Feels: 80 People Made A Human Chain To Rescue A Family From RiptideThis story has a great ending! It's sure to give you all the feels :-)
Cat Turns 15, So It's Family Throws Her A QuinceañeraThis story is just as awesome as you're thinking it will be...
How Many People Is TOO MANY People To Have At The Hospital?Lauren Kelly's sister finally had her baby! And her WHOLE FAM was at the hospital.
Hooters Set To Alter Their Iconic Uniforms; See The ChangesIt's one thing that Hooters restaurants are known for, but soon they will be changing their uniforms!
Mardi Gras Weekend!How many bead necklaces are you getting this weekend?
Chrissy Tiegen and John Legend Welcome Their Baby Girl Into The World!Chrissy announces new baby's arrival!
Single? Take A Look At This Hilarious New Viral PictureFor those of you who feel EVERYONE around you is getting married or having kids...but YOU'RE STILL SINGLE

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