[WATCH] Dodgers Fan Jumps Into Astros Bull Pen; Gets Tackled By PoliceCheck out this crazy video!
JJ Watt Signs Fan's Arm Tattoo Of His FaceYou guys have to see this fan's awesome JJ tattoo!
Red Sox Fan Fan Hits Photographer In The Groin With Wild First PitchOUCH.
[WATCH]Marlins Fan Tries To Distract Pitcher By Flashing HimThe 22-year-old Korina Evaniuk was sitting next to, maybe the most famous, Marlins fan Laurence Leavy who is famous for wearing loud shirts while yelling loudly at the opposing team during the games.
JJ Watt Visits Injured Fan; Brings Him A New 99 Jersey8 year-old Noah Fulmer was injured in a car accident over the weekend, but his day was brightened with a visit from JJ!
Adele Let Houston Fan Sing On Stage Last Night, And She KILLED ITFor anyone who was at the Adele Houston show last night, this girl was AMAZING!
Adele Kisses Fan's Dog On Stage During ConcertWell this isn't something you see every day!
Zac Efron Surprised Simone Biles At The Olympics In RioUmmm, I think it's time I got better at gymnastics...
Fan Rushes Field At Copa America Game, Gets 2 Hugs From Lionel MessiThis took some HUGE (soccer) BALLS to do!!
There's A Big 'Game of Thrones' Fan In This Building...You guys have to see what I noticed when I got into the elevator coming into work today!
Justin Bieber Tosses Fan His CHEWED GUMForget A-B-C gum, this is G-R-O-S-S!
Watch Ariana Grande And Jimmy Fallon Have Lip Sync ConversationDid you guys catch this last night?? Hilarious!

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