96 Second News: Ke$ha Fans Fire Back At Jerry Seinfeld; NY Football Player's HUGE Uber BillKesha fans are still mad at Seinfeld for the red carpet diss, Ariana Grande resumes her tour and more!
JJ Watt Has Back Surgery; Writes Fans A Thank You NoteSince his doctor said he can't do much at the moment, JJ posted a sweet thank you note to his Instagram page!
Kris Jenner Booed Off Stage
VIDEO: Broncos Fans Kick Over Port-A-Potty With Pats Fan Inside
Security Company Scrutiny For Treatment Of Cougar's FansVideo footage gone viral of harsh treatment of fans running the field has brought the security company's future with UH into question.
One Directions Releases "History" As Farewell To FansPrepare for tears, One Directioners
[WATCH] Miley Cyrus Goes Undercover; Talks to HatersThese people had NO IDEA they were bad mouthing Miley Cyrus...TO HER FACE! LOL!
[WATCH] Taylor Swift Fan Has AMAZING Domino Skills!Ok this video is seriously amazing...must watch!
One Direction Really Were In Houston Yesterday, But For What??I heard the guys were in town, but just thought it was a fan-made rumor...until I saw the pictures!
Michael Buble Butt-Shames Woman On Instagram; Upsets FansBetween the ESPN reporter who fat-shamed a parking lot attendant, and Michael Buble butt-shaming a stranger...the celebs need to THINK before they speak!
Nicki Minaj Uses Her Boobs To Comfort A Crying Fan"Look at how he stopped crying when he laid his head on them thangz"
Taylor Swift Posts Full Bikini Pic; Her Fans FreakWe've seen her midriff NUMEROUS times, but she's never shown us a FULL bikini pic...until NOW! Check out Taylor Swift's latest Instagram post!

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