Was It A Horror Movie Nightmare Or A Match Made In Heaven?We check in with Sarah's friend Katherine about her date on Friday night.
First Date At The Guy's Home To Watch Friday The 13th MoviesSarah's pretty sure her friend Katherine is setting herself up to be a star in a real-life horror movie tonight!
96 Second News: Details On 1st Two Astros Games; Katy Perry Comments On John Mayer's Instagram Post
The Ten Times We're Most Superstitious And Friday the 13th Is Only FifthHere are the moments when we're the most superstitious, according to a survey: taking a test, buying a lottery ticket, and on Friday the 13th.
Scariest Halloween Prank EVER (VIDEO)If this happened to me, I WOULD DIE! Literally, DIE from a heart attack. Wait until you watch this!
It's Friday The 13th; Feeling Unlucky?It's Friday the 13th and it is a day that represents the ills of the world.
Top 5 Freaky Friday The 13th Facts
It's Friday The 13th! Which Stars Are Superstitious?

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