What's the Craziest Place You've Ever Been Hit On?Geoff Sheen saw a dad-to-be hitting on a nurse at the hospital the other day!
Where Were You When You Went Into Labor?Were you at home? At work? In the car?
Pregnant Doctor Delivers Baby of Patient; Then Gives Birth to Her Own BabyThis is an incredible story!
Sarah Pepper Spent The Night In The HospitalDon't ever ignore chest pains! Listen to your friends!
How Many People Is TOO MANY People To Have At The Hospital?Lauren Kelly's sister finally had her baby! And her WHOLE FAM was at the hospital.
'Biggest Loser' Trainer Bob Harper Suffers Heart AttackThankfully he is on the mend!
JJ Watt Visits Injured Fan; Brings Him A New 99 Jersey8 year-old Noah Fulmer was injured in a car accident over the weekend, but his day was brightened with a visit from JJ!
Local ABC 13 Reporter Bit By Venomous Snake In Front YardArt Rascon of ABC 13 had a super scary start to his week today!
Man Contracts Flesh Eating Bacteria From Galveston BeachI feel so bad for this guy, it could've happened to any of us visiting the beach!
New Years Twins Born In Two Different Years?Now THIS is a great new year story!
UPDATED: Big Lamar Odom Recovery UpdateDoctors finally have a POSITIVE update for Lamar Odom!
Dog Jumps In Front Of Bus To Save Blind OwnerOHMAHGAWWDD grab the tissues....talk about a man's best friend!!

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