Lauren Kelly's Weekend In Five PhotosTook a vacay to Galveston with the BF's family, check out how it went!
Lauren Kelly Met Hot Gym Guy's Brother's Fam...this is how it went!
How Did The First Meeting With Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend's Parents Go?Lauren Kelly gets to meet her BF's fam this weekend, hoping all goes well!
The Lengths You Go To For LoveWhat do have you done for love that you hated, but you did it cause you cared.
Lauren Kelly's Date With Hot Gym Guy's Brother, Gabe: Here's How It WentThe date happened! Find out how it went with Lauren and Gabe!
Lauren Kelly's Weekend In Five PhotosHad a good weekend, check out some pictures from it! ☺️
Were you At The Astros Game On Saturday? Did You See Hot Gym Guy On The Big Screen?How did that happen?
Lauren And Hot Gym Guy's Brother Are Going Out On THE DATE!Hot Guy From the Gym brought in his HOT SINGLE BROTHER! And Lauren's going out with him tonight!
Here's What Happened With Hot Gym Guy In Studio This MorningThis is Ev! AKA, hot guy from the gym. He came by the studio this morning, hear what he said!!

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