Not Washing Your Eyelash Extensions Leads to Eye Mites!Afraid to wash them because they are expensive? May want to think again.
Heart Stopping: Semi Truck Driver Slams on His Brakes to Avoid Hitting a KidHe forgot rule number 1 of crossing a street!
Six Ways You're Cleaning Your House That Actually Make It DirtierI had no idea I've been screwing it up!
Men Spend a Full Year of Their Lives in the BathroomYou're literally wasting your life sitting on the toilet.
VIDEO: A Houston Donut Shop Robber Gives Customers Free FoodThe Houston Police Department shared surveillance video.
VIDEO: An Uber Passenger Steals the Driver's TipsWith a camera pointed right at her too!
The Mix 96.5 Reaction To The Astros Winning The World SeriesSarah, Geoff, Lauren, Jason and Chase had plenty to say about Houston winning it all!
Cage Caught a GHOST In The Baby Monitor!Take a look at the monitor in the lower right corner.
Taylor Swift Teases "Ready For It" Video. Looks Neked.
Cage Makes a Pumpkin Spice Death Shake8 ingredients, one blender.
Watch Demi Lovato's New Documentary "Simply Complicated" Here
Two Firefighters Reenact "Dirty Dancing" For a Safety VideoNail "The Lift"

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