96 Second News: Here's The iPhone "A-?" Glitch Fix; Diddy's Name Change Was A JOKE
[WATCH] Britney Spears & James Corden Tease 'Carpool Karaoke'Watch the two tease a clip of them jamming out to "Toxic" on this week's new episode!
Ke$ha Posts Pic In Too-Small Bikini, Laughs It OffCheck out this funny picture Ke$ha posted to Instagram...
Gwen Stefani Tells Reporter "I Love You Too Blake...ish"But wait...was this a joke?? Adam Levine looks shocked!
Why Are Nickelback WANTED By The Police??This is crazy....find out what Nickelback did to have police on the lookout for them!
Hostess Tweets Wrong Baseball Term, Claims It Was On PurposePretty sure the word "touchdown" isn't used during a baseball game...
Katy Perry Cut ALL OF HER HAIR OFF!Some say it might be an April Fools joke, but we 're not sure! Take a look at this pic Katy posted and let me know what you think!!
UPDATE: Will JJ Watt Be The Next 'Bachelor' On ABC?Yesterday, the Houston Texans Grille posted about JJ Watt becoming ABC's next 'Bachelor' and we were all left wondering...IS IT TRUE?? Find out here!
Uhhh, Lindsay Lohan Is...Pregnant??Lindsay sent a tweet late Monday night that has her fans and followers wondering if she was playing an April Fools Day joke on them...
Demi Lovato Slams Disney For Eating Disorder "Joke"

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