How Did Your Child React To The New Baby?Geoff Sheen's third kid is almost here, we're not sure his other two will be ok with it though...
How Much Is Too Much To Spend On A Friend's Kid's Birthday Present?Is there a limit on what friends should spend without the parents getting offended?
VIDEO: Dad Gives Kid a Leaf Blower, Kid Turns Into SupervillainKid immediately gets power drunk
At What Age Do You Teach Your Kids To Lose?When do the tantrums go away and you teach your kids they aren't always going to win?
Simon Cowell Spent Over $10,000 On His Child's BirthdayHow much is too much to spend on your kid's birthday party?
[VIDEO] National Hot Dog DayBoy drops hot dog and still eats it
Kid Goes FULL DIVA On Live TV News Broadcast [VIDEO]A reporter for the CBS affiliate in Las Vegas was doing her news segment when this kid thought he should do his thing on live tv! Watch the hilarious video!
Kid Goes OFF On His Mom For Getting Pregnant Again [VIDEO]This video is hilarious! Watch this kid tell him mom why he doesn't need a new baby sister or brother!
World's Cutest Liar This kid is sticking to his guns
5 Year Old Makes Rap Song in 30 secondsJordan, a five year old, puts the hip hop community to shame showing how easy it is to write a rap song
Howard Stern Makes 7 Yr-Old Little Rapper CryThey don't call him the "Shock Jock" of radio for nothin! Howard Stern made a little kid cry after his rap
Tan Mom Accused Of Taking 5 Yr-Old Into Tanning BedMooooove over Snooki, there's a whole new level of crazy tanning in New Jersey!

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