96 Second News: 'Dancing With The Stars' Tour Bus Involved In Crash; Justin Timberlake's Nervous Tic
96 Second News: Mark Wahlberg Donating His $1.5 Mil For His Movie Reshoots; Ryan Lochte Is MarriedRemember that $1.5 million he got to reshoot movie scenes? Check out where Mark Walhberg is donating that money!
How Do You Say NO To Your Family?When it comes to family, there's really nothing Lauren will say no to!
How Much Is Too Much To Spend On Being A Bridesmaid?Ladies, think about all the money you've spent on other peoples' weddings...
Man Leaves $3000 Tip For Parking Attendant Who Helped Find His CarNo worse feeling than not being able to find where you parked your car!
96 Second News: What Britney Spears Spends Most On; 'iPhone X' Feature Malfunctions During UnveilBritney Spears makes a lot of money, and spends a lot too! But on what?? Plus, why you may rethink buying the new iPhone...
96 Second News: Jimmy Fallon Donates $1 Mil To JJ Watt's Fund; 'Bachelor' Producer Gives Clues For New SeasonLast night on the 'Tonight Show,' Jimmy Fallon made a HUGE donation to JJ's relief fund!
96 Second News: JJ Watt's Hurricane Relief Fund Is Not Slowing Down; Kate Middleton Pregnant AgainYou guys have to see how much money JJ's relief fund has raised, plus Taylor Swift's new song, royal baby news and more!
JJ Watt Sets Up Fund For Hurricane Harvey DonationsJJ Watt has set up a fund to help with Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.
96 Second News: Forbes' Highest Paid Actor; Cast Of Big Bang Theory Or GoT Make More Money?Find out which actor made the most money over the last year, plus who will play 'The Joker' in the new movie?
Fill In The Blank: When I Win The Powerball I'm Going To ________When I win the Powerball I'm going to __________
How Much Do You Spend On Back To School Clothes?Parents, do you spend more on girls or boys? What's the limit?

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