Lauren Kelly's Weekend In Five PhotosCheck out my weekend in five photos!
Nintendo Releasing Mini Super NES Classic With 22 GamesNow Nintendo is getting ready to release the Super NES Classic Edition which will send gamers to tizzy to get the newest nostalgia piece. The console that launched in 1991 will feature Super Mario Cart, and a previously unreleased game, Star Fox 2 along with many more.
Nintendo Announced New Console "Switch"You can now pre-order yours.
[WATCH] Shigeru Miyamoto, Creator Of Super Mario, Plays Theme Song With The RootsYou might not know his name right away, but Shigeru Miyamoto has probably influenced your life, if not your entire childhood. The creator of Mario and Super Mario Bros. the Nintendo legend joined the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday night and sat in with house band The Roots.
Nintendo To Relaunch Original NES In A Mini Form

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