(pic) You Miss Seeing Hot Tonga Flag Guy At The Olympics On Fri?The world lost their mind over a guy named Pita during the opening ceremony.
American Who Landed The First Triple Axle Was Almost a Golfer And Not A SkaterSee her full story here. It will give you All The Feels!
Ryan Lochte Almost Attacked On Stage During 'Dancing With The Stars'This was scary for not only Ryan, but also everyone watching at home!
Ryan Lochte Is Joining The New Season Of 'Dancing With The Stars'Ok now THIS I will have to watch! JEAH!
Ryan Lochte Loses 3 Endorsements After Huge Rio Scandal3 of Ryan's major Olympic sponsors will not be renewing his contract...
[WATCH] The 2020 Olympics Trailer For Japan Games
The Rock Challenges JJ Watt To A Push-Up Challenge
Ellen DeGeneres In Hot Water After Posting Photoshopped Usain Bolt PicHave you guys seen the picture that lots of people are upset over??
[WATCH] The WORST Dive In Olympic History: 0.0
Ryan Lochte And 3 Other US Olympic Swimmers Robbed At Gunpoint In RioThis is pretty scary stuff!
Michael Phelps "Death Stare" Picture Going ViralMichael took his pre-race DEATH STARE to a whole new level!

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