96 Second News: Kim & Kanye Expecting Baby #3; Justin Bieber Hits Paparazzi With His Car
Taylor Swift Has A Secret Weapon In Avoiding The PaparazziWith quite the choreographed evasive maneuver [VIDEO]
Emma Stone's Plays Paparazzi Perfectly!
Justin Bieber Compares Himself to Princess Diana After Being Rear-Ended By Paparazzi"There should be laws against what I just experienced," he wrote. "We should have learned from the death of Princess Diana...."
Lorde Accuses Photographer of Stalking Her, Admits She's ScaredIn the tweet, Lorde posts a photo of Simon Runt and writes, "this man has been stalking me, photographing me and refusing me privacy. i am scared of him. he frequents central akl (Auckland)."
Style Files: Lady Gaga Splurges On 24-Karat Gold Wheelchair
Attention Paparazzi: Don't Mess With Miley Cyrus! [VIDEO] In a world in which the rich, famous, infamous and even those that are talked about at length are photographed, sometimes more than we care to see, celebrities are fighting back.
Judge Tosses Out Criminal Charges Against Photographer Who Pursued Justin BieberThe Biebs was pulled over for speeding on July 6, but he told authorities he was trying to get away from paparazzi.
Justin Bieber 911 Call ReleasedAfter police pulled over Bieber and cited him for driving more than 65 mph, the paparazzi continued to pursue the 18-year-old pop star. That's when he decided to call 911 himself and get some additional back up.
Justin Bieber Pulled Over For Speeding In Los AngelesPop singer Justin Bieber was pulled over Friday morning for speeding on a Southland freeway, the California Highway Patrol confirms.
Justin Bieber Mobbed At London Airport, Throws Fan's CameraJB evoked a mad fan frenzy when he hinted that he would be traveling to London on his Twitter account.
[VIDEO] Rob Kardashian Arrested!

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