When Did Your Kids Act Up And You Wanted To Laugh But Knew You Couldn'tParenting can be tough. Especially when your kids are acting up and you know you need to correct them but all you wanna do is laugh!
Do You Buy All Your Kids Presents For Every Birthday Even When It's Not Theirs?Is this a thing?
Mom Told Sarah Pepper She Ruined Her Kid's Whole Day!I thought the mom was in the wrong but she made me feel awful!
[LISTEN] Caller: Dave Is A Bad Parent For Taking Baby On Plane
Texas Dad ARRESTED For Taking Daughters Cell Phone
Kristin Cavallari Shares HILARIOUS Texts From Hubby Jay CutlerNot ALL celebrities uses nannies for help with their kids, and Kristin Cavallari has the texts to prove it!
David Beckham Dotes On Darling Daughter
Crazy Things Parents SayEver say something to your kids and think "Did I really just say that?"
Dad Tries To Get Tough With KidsThis dad can't keep it together when trying to discipline his kids
Dads Getting NO Credit AgainI'm tired of dads getting a bad rep when it comes to parenting.
Mother Arrested For Cursing In Front Of Her ChildrenMom arrested for dropping F bombs at kids in grocery store.
Jukebox Jury: Do Kids Need Their Own Music?

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