Five Everyday Things We Can't Agree On50% of people say the word spelled G-I-F is pronounced "jif," and 50% say "gif." And 54% of people text "Haha" when they think something's funny, while 46% think "LOL" is better.
By Ordering Papa Johns Pizza, You Could Meet Jose AltuveHouston Astro Jose Altuve and Papa John pizza...sounds like a good combo to me!
It's National Pepperoni Pizza Day! Where Should We Go To Celebrate?What are some of your favorite pizza places around town?
This Is How Coldplay Weathered Out Hurricane HarveyBefore getting outta town, Coldplay got down with 100 pizzas!
Everyone Is Over "The Bachelorette"They may be on season Gogillion but it looks like everyone is OVER "The Bachelorette".
96 Second News: Is Beyonce In Labor? The New Dating App With No SwipingRumors are swirling that Beyonce is in labor, plus if you're single...try this new dating app!
Do You Eat Your Pizza With A Knife And Fork Or Your Hands?Here are the top food fights.
Pregnant Women Are Heading To This Pizza Joint for Its Labor-Inducing SlicesWe may have found the solution for Lauren Kelly's sister to help kick-start her labor!
96 Second News: JJ Watt Delivers Pizza To Fans; Ryan Seacrest Is Kelly Ripa's New Co HostJJ Watt delivered pizza to some lucky fans this weekend, and who will Kelly Ripa announce as her new co host??
KFC Has A New Fried Chicken Pizza CrustYou guys, this is a real thing! They're calling it this Chizza!
Here You Have It, The First Ever 'Big Mac' Pizza
Full List of Texans Win FreebiesLunch, Dinner, and Dessert!s!

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