Police Chase Suspect Dances Before Getting Arrested!Getting out a dancing is NOT what the cops expected!
You Think You're Relationships Got ProblemsThis couple takes it to the NEXT LEVEL!
Cops Deliver Two Babies In The Same Burger King Parking Lot Two Nights In A Row!What are the odds??
ALL THE FEELS: Police Officer Spends 1st Birthday With Girl He Helped Deliver
Guy Gives Cop Monopoly "Get Out of Jail Free" Card During ArrestIs this the dumbest or the SMARTEST thing ever???
[Video] Criminal Trips Over His Pants Then Slams His Head Into The CarVideo is hilarious!
Papa John's Employees Arrested For Selling Cocaine In Pizza BoxesWait, are you not allowed to order that with your pepperoni?
Cops Hunt Dirt Bikers That Jumped Collapsed Bridge Like Evel KnievelIs this a crime or just awesome?
'I Guess You're Here About The Opium': Police Find $500 Million Of Drugs In NCThank goodness criminals are so inept in the US!
HS Cheerleader Doesn't Want To Give Back Uniform, So Tells Cops It Was StolenTurns out you still can't file a false report without the cops getting kinda mad about it.
[WATCH] Man In Bunny Suit Blows Airhorn At Police Station, Gets SLAPPED
#HoustonLove: First Responders Edition

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