96 Second News: Astros NAIL-BITING Game 2 Win; Khloe Kardahashian's Baby Gender RevealedWHAT A GAME! Let's talk about that Astros finish last night, shall we?
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New Pic Of Jared Leto As "The Joker" Will Give You NightmaresIf you're looking for Jared Leto's pretty face in the new "Suicide Squad" movie, sorry to say you won't be seeing it! He looks SUPER FREAKY as 'The Joker!'
The Creepy Little Girl From 'The Ring' Is All Grown Up!Remember how SCARED you were when that little girl crawled out of the tv in 2002's 'The Ring?' See what she looks like today!
Is This The Scariest Halloween Decoration, Ever? [VIDEO]WARNING! This video may be too intense for some viewers. DISCRETION IS ADVISED! Click if you dare.

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