How Long Do You Have Sympathy For Someone Who's Sick But Won't Go To The Doctor?Geoff Sheen has been sick for a hot minute now...he hasn't gone to the doctor but he's STILL COMPLAINING
Man Gets Parasite Infection From Eating Eating SushiSushi lovers beware! 🍣
Prince Dead At 57Wow, this is so sad!
Sam Smith is BACK!Sam Smith to resume concert dates beginning in July.
Why Was Tori Spelling Quarantined??Tori Spelling was taking to a hospital and quarantined like an EBOLA patient over the weekend...find out what happened!
'Lauren's Lowdown': Scarlett Johansson Engaged; Miley Cyrus Is Naked!Scarlett Johansson is an engaged woman! Check out her fiance and diamond ring! Also, see the new Miley Cyrus video!
Worried About The Flu? Try This Facebook App...Trying to figure out who gave you the flu this season? Facebook has a new app the\at may help you figure out who passed it along!
What Happened To Rihanna On Stage In Portugal That's Sparking Pregnancy Rumors

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