New Releases: Phoenix, Rob Zombie, Snoop Lion
Snoop Dogg To Star In Video Game [VIDEO] Snoop Dogg...or rather Snoop Lion will be featured in a new video game. "Way of the Dogg" is being touted as a combination of "musical rhythms and fighting games". It is also being described as a "rhythm-action, beat-matching combat experience."
Check Out These Celebrity ‘Stoners’! A cough here, a euphoric feeling of bliss there and laughter back over here, are what many experience when they smoke a bit of the herb. When it comes to lighting up some weed, some famous faces have no shame in their game!
Snoop Dogg's Documentary Set To Hit Theaters In March [VIDEO] Snoop Dogg ... I mean Snoop Lion's new documentary showing his transformation from hip-hop to reggae is set to hit select theaters on March 15.
Grab Hold Of These GRAMMY Facts! The next time you are stopped on the street, chances are someone could ask you to spout a GRAMMY fact! The following information can help you to become a GRAMMY-known'-fact-award-winnin'-person-who-knows-lots-about the-GRAMMYs!

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