96 Second News: Steve Harvey's Ex Wife Is Suing Him; Detachable Jeans: Would You Wear Them?Have y'all seen the new DETACHABLE jeans?? Plus, why Steve Harvey's ex wife is suing him...
96 Second News: Kylie Jenner's New Spinoff Show; Steve Harvey's Crazy Staff MemoWatch the teaser for Kylie Jenner's new spinoff show, why Steve Harvey is in more hot water...and more!
Miss DC Of Columbia Wins Miss USA CrownSee the new gorgeous Miss USA 2016!
This Is 5 Year Old Math Genius Will Melt Your Heart (And Make You Feel Dumber Too)
Is This The WORST 'Family Fued' Contestant EVER??This just may be the worst/best 'Family Feud' contestant of all time!
Steve Harvey Posts Funny Pic After Miss Universe DebacleThese days if the internet makes fun of you, the only thing you can do is jump on board and join the fun!
[WATCH] Steve Harvey Announces Wrong Miss Universe WinnerBiggest mistake in the Universe
Tyra Banks Is Ready To Be a Mom [VIDEO] Former supermodel Tyra Banks hears her biological clock ticking and those ticks, according to Banks, are becoming louder as time progresses.

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