Guy Attempts To Cash $368 Billion CheckNope, you're not seeing things. That's NINE ZEROS.
The "Diaper Don" BustedHe once paid $1.06 for over $100 in diapers. Here's how.
Not Mom Of The YearWho drives their 13 year old to a fight THEY arranged? This woman.
Man To Cops: "My Wife Stole My Cocaine"How stupid can criminals be? Very stupid.
He Knows What The Ladies LikeHe "Knows What The Ladies Like"
Guy Has License Yanked 41 Times. Still Driving.How many times can your license be yanked? 41 and still counting.
Man Throws Brick, Brick Fights BackMan throws brick. Brick bounces back. Man goes down.
Deadbeat Dad Of The WeekWhy yo baby in the car while you in the club???
Drunken Fight Over Game Of YatzeeIt's all good till someone breaks out the Boone's Farm.
Deadbeat Parent AlertSome people should not reproduce. (mugshot included)
Guy Arrested For Pretending to be Ghost at Cemetery He even makes the "ooooooohhhh" ghost sounds! LOL!
Dumb 911 Call Of The DayGuy calls 911 because Cop was taking a long time giving him a ticket.

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