The Best And Worst Things To Buy On Black FridayA new study compared Black Friday deals to what things normally cost on Amazon.
It Costs $34,500 To Buy All The Stuff From The "12 Days of Christmas" This YearAccording to a new study, only three things went up in price from last year: pear tree for your partridge, five gold rings, and the salaries for 10 lords-a-leaping.
You Had ONE Job!Geoff and Sarah are divided by a dry cleaner!
These Are The Five Worst Christmas Songs Of All TimeA list of the Five Worst Christmas Songs includes "Dominick the Christmas Donkey", Bruce Springsteen's version of "Santa Claus is Coming to Town", and John Denver's "Please Daddy Don't Get Drunk This Christmas."
The Best Breakup SongsThese songs got many Houstonians through a bad breakup, especially in high school!
Here's The Most Uniquely Popular Side Dish In Every StateGoogle just released a list of the unique Thanksgiving side dishes that people in each state search for the most.
High School Notes: Everyone Has Mixed Feelings About JP O'MalleyRelationships can go south in high school REALLY quick!
Five Everyday Things We Can't Agree On50% of people say the word spelled G-I-F is pronounced "jif," and 50% say "gif." And 54% of people text "Haha" when they think something's funny, while 46% think "LOL" is better.
Police Department Is Asking For Christmas Gifts For Kids Instead Of Handing Out TicketsA police department stopped handing out tickets for minor traffic violations this week. And instead, they're handing out flyers asking people to drop off Christmas gifts for underprivileged kids.
The Oddest Thing In Your Fridge
67-Year-Old Woman Dressed As Turkey Was Busted For Shoplifting $1,500 Of StuffA woman in Florida shoplifted a bunch of stuff from a department store. The employees noticed her turkey costume so she was arrested for grand theft.
Is "Love Actually" A Christmas Movie?It got heated on the group text yesterday!

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