Taylor Swift Is Already Dating Someone ElseLooks like there's a new man in Taylor's love life!
Report: Nicki Minaj 'Cleans House'! Nicki Minaj wants to be taken seriously as an artist and as a result, the singer has made some changes. According to The Sun, the singer fired her members of her “glam squad”.
From The 'Whooooaaa!' File: Suri Cruise To Get $24,000 Playhouse! Apparently Santa Clause is gathering names on that annual and famous list, has checked it twice and has found a famous little girl who has been quite nice! Reports indicate that Suri Cruise will get quite the Christmas gift!
Susan Boyle’s Neighbors Want Her To Stop SingingSusan Boyle might not want to ask her neighbors for a cup of sugar anytime soon. It seems her loud singing at all hours of the day has them wishing she’d just move away.
Adele Thinks Her New House Is Haunted!
Smoking Is Not Destroying My Voice!
Woman Registers The Sun As Her Property....Really?!?!?!
Taylor Swift Likes Having Lady Gaga As A Fan
Lady Gaga Considered for the New Bond Theme

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