4 Year-Old Boy Cries As Stepmom Reads Wedding Vows She Wrote For HimGRAB THE KLEENEX.
[WATCH] Kid Crashes Bike Staring At Stripclub Billboard BusWe've all been caught staring at an eye-catching billboard every now and again, but none of us have been as committed to watching one like this young boy on his bike.
Teen Pretends To Get Arrested In PromposalThe cops pull this kid over with his girl of choice for prom in the car and pretend to find pot in the car. They even go as far as handcuffing the kid before revealing to the girl this is all an elaborate promposal with a note in the "weed bag."
[Video] Man Gets Hammered By A Pigeon During Roller Coaster RideThis is not something you expect to encounter during a thrill ride!
[WATCH] Two Toddlers Hilariously Argue Over Who FartedWe've all done it. We've all farted. We've probably all blamed someone (or a pet) for farting. In this video getting some run on the interwebs, two adorable toddlers start arguing who farted in the car.
Animal Shelter's Hilarious Commercial Going ViralIn the hilarious new commercial, they mock most local car dealer commercials, social media memes and even sing a little improvised Sarah McLachlan. It is also full of adorable animals that you can't wait to go pick up and take home. It seems like the commercial should work just fine, especially now that it rose to the top of Reddit's front page and has garnered 10,000+ upvotes on youtube in just over a week on YouTube.
[WATCH] A Panda Zookeeper Is The Best 'Worst' Job Of All Time
New 'Pokémon Go' Viral Video Turns The Tables On The Players
This Dad Catching A Foul Ball While Holding His Sleeping Daughter Just Won Father's Day Weekend
[WATCH] Justin Bieber Had One Bad Fall During His Recent Concert
'Chewbacca Mom' Has Raked In A Ridiculous Amount Of Money AlreadyIt seems like forever ago now with the way the internet works. Last weekend's viral video is today's long lost treasure.
[WATCH] A Wedding Proposal Gone Terribly Wrong, On Accident

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