[PHOTOS] Naked Woman Shuts Down 290She was dancing on the highway!
Super Weird Mother's Day GiftsMother's Day gifts that make you go; 'Hmmmm...'
Weird Things I Found On GrouponWhat's the weirdest thing you've seen on Groupon?
The Weirdest Question JJ Watt Has Ever Been AskedAfter yesterday's big Texans win against the Browns, JJ Watt was asked the WEIRDEST question he's ever been asked! Watch what he said!
Election Day SecretsWhile election news broke, setting a new Twitter record, some people were using the platform to reveal their bizarre #electiondaysecrets.
One Direction’s Harry Styles Exposes Four Nipples In ChicagoThey've become a legend on the Internet. No, we don't mean One Direction. We mean Harry Styles' two extra nipples. They've been the subject of countless gossip blogs and even have their own Tumblr.
Is "Glee" Predicting Musicians’ Deaths Like A “Musical Nostradamus”?The show has connected fans to music they may never have heard before. But it also has an eerie sense of timing, almost like a pop culture Nostradamus, when it comes to musicians' deaths.
Man Gets Arrested For Eating Raw Beef Off The Shelf At Walmart
The Kissing Machine To Satisfy Your Desires
Robbers Torture Victims With Onions In Heist!

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