You Had One Job!From welshing on billion dollar deals to what Lauren is wearing, these folks all had ONE job!
You Had One JobFrom Arizona state cheerleaders to missing your baby being sick, these folks all had ONE job!!!
You Had One Job!
You Had ONE Job!From failing on Jeopardy to lunar eclipses, these people all had one job!
You Had ONE Job!From losing money and misplacing credit cards, you had ONE job!
You Had One Job!You only had one thing to do and you totally blew it!
You Had ONE Job!The Astros need to make a trade!
You Had ONE Job!From mom's basement, the family picture getting ruined, or the guy in the office that never keeps his word, they had ONE job!
You Had ONE Job!All these folks came up short (or forgot to do) their one job!
You Had ONE Job!From ruined vodka to Houston snow traffic accidents, a lot of people did NOT do their job!
You Had ONE Job!Geoff and Sarah are divided by a dry cleaner!
You Had ONE Job!From OJ getting thrown out of a Vegas hotel to calling a relative by the wrong name, all these people had ONE job and they blew it.

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