Texas' DPS Office's Begin To Open

May 21, 2020
Houston Traffic

Had plans to gift your new graduate a new car for graduation?   Intentions were great, but amid  the corona virus everything was shut down leaving them  without their license, learner permit or taking the driving test.  Good news is the Texas Department of Public Safety will begin to open their offices in phases by regions next week. 

According to the governor's office the DPS offices will start to open offices in phases on Tuesday with limited services but appointments  are REQUIRED no walk-ins will be accepted.  It's expected that the DPS office will laungh an appointment system this Friday that will you to book up to six months in advance.  The sooner you can book your appointment the better,  you remember those long lines at the office? Exacltly!  

They will begin taking appointments for northwest and west Texas May 22 at 1p, offices in south and central Texas on May 26 at 1pm.  and offices in north and southeast Texas on May 29 at 1p. 

For those needing to renew their license you will have up to 60 days after the offices reopen to do so, and this will apply to those who have an expired license on or before March 13, 2020. 

For more details click here: Texas DPS