Miley Cyrus announces new album and thinks 'you'll love it,' if not, 'f*** you'

'Plastic Hearts' is due out November 27

October 23, 2020

Miley Cyrus has a new album on the way and if you don’t like it, well, that’s your problem.

Miley gave fans news of a new release earlier this week when she announced an album composed entirely of Metallica covers. Now, we’ll get an album of entirely new material.

On November 27, Miley will be treating us to her first new album since 2017 when she drops her seventh studio record Plastic Hearts. “If you’re reading this know that I f***** LOVE + APPRECIATE you on the deepest level,” she wrote in a tweet.

“I began this album over 2 years ago. Thought I had it all figured out. Not just the record - its songs/sounds but my whole f****** life. No one checks an ego like life itself."

"Just when I thought the body of work was finished it was all erased. Including most of the music's relevance. Because everything had changed." she added.

“In triumph + gratitude I present to you my 7th studio record, Plastic Hearts. To be released 11/27/20. Well that’s ‘the plan’ anyway - had one of those before…”

She closes the message with a classic Mileyism. “It’s really coming, think you’ll love it. If you don’t - F*** you.”

Fans that pre-order Plastic Hearts will receive a copy of her latest single “Midnight Sky” and her live covers of Blondie’s “Heart of Glass” and The Cranberries’ “Zombie.

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