The Mix 96.5 Pickup Payoff

You could win $100

June 16, 2019

Hey, Houston area Uber and Lyft drivers. We’ve been in your cars on the way to concerts and Astros games, we’ve used you on date nights and whenever we’ve needed a safe and sober ride home, and we want to say thank you for being there for us!  You’re like family! So here’s what we’re gonna do - if any of our Mix 96.5 secret riders get into your Uber or Lyft, and you have Mix 96.5 on your radio or streaming through the RADIO.COM app, We’ll hand you $100 right there on the spot!

If you’re a driver, keep it on Mix 96.5. If you’re a rider let your driver know to put Mix 96.5 on! The next rider you have could be us!