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Specs, Wine Of The Week, 99 West Pinot Noir

Spec's 'Wine Of The Week'

Houston, it’s time for your Wine of the Week! And just in time because it’s Wine Wednesday, which means it's time to get your friends together to enjoy each other's company, and enjoy a bottle of your favorite wine from Spec's. If you want to make sure you "wow" your friends with the perfect wine,... Read More

Every State's Favorite Romantic Comedy

It's almost Valentine's Day, which is our annual reminder that EVERY couple is made up of one person who LOVES romantic comedies, and one person who . . . well . . . can suffer through them for a night or two. Another site has done a rundown of the #1 romantic comedy in every state. As usual, this... Read More

The Internet Figured Out the Top Noises That Makes Us Cringe

"Nails on a chalkboard" is the classic sound everyone hates. But when's the last time you even SAW a chalkboard? Someone on Reddit asked people to name more common sounds that make them cringe. Here are ten that stood out . . . 1. Other people's mouth noises. Like loud chewing, sucking, or snapping... Read More

A Wedding Is Called Off When Their Parents Eloped Instead

A couple in western India was set to get married next month, after a year of planning their wedding. But they just had to call it off. Why? It's because the groom's 48-year-old FATHER and the bride's 46-year-old MOTHER both VANISHED earlier this month. And everyone's pretty sure they decided to... Read More

96 Second News

If you're a big fan of Chick-Fil-A, then make sure you download their mobile app! Chick-Fil-A is giving away a free 8-piece chicken nugget OR a kale salad to their customers that either create, or log into their existing Chick-Fil-A account on their app. You have to do it before January 31st! The... Read More