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Young Bregman Fan Catches The Eye Alex Bregman's Mom

Brooke Monahan is only 9 but she is a HUGE Alex Bregman fan! Her jersey reads, "Mrs. Bregman". She was sporting that jersey at Game 3 and her father was sitting behind the REAL Mrs. Bregman, Alex's mom! When Brooke's mom sent him the picture of her in the shirt, Alex's mom saw it and said she... Read More

If You Win The Lotto Don't Do This!

1. Don't forget to sign the back of the ticket. It protects you in case someone steals it. So you should sign it immediately. Or if you really want to be careful, sign it now. 2. Don't tell anyone. People will come out of the woodwork looking for handouts. But an even bigger concern is who THEY'LL... Read More

All The Feels

This is Justin Gallegos and he has spent the past seven years pursuing his love of running despite having cerebral palsy. He thought that a camera crew was at his practice for a documentary. He had no idea he would be the first athlete with cerebral palsy to be awarded a Nike professional contract... Read More
Idris Elba, Taylor Swift, and Jennifer Hudson

Idris Elba Joins Tayor Swift, Jennifer Hudson In 'Cats' Movie

British actor Idris Elba is being fitted for a cat costume. Multiple reports out of Hollywood say he’s in final talks to join the film adaptation of the hit musical Cats . The IMDB page for the movie says Elba will play Macavity – the only real villain in the story. Elba is perhaps best known for... Read More

Roseanne Unhappy With 'The Conners': "I Ain't Dead Bitches"

We hate to spoil it for you, but Roseanne is dead on the reworked version of her ABC show. The Conners premiered on Tuesday night, mostly with the same cast and crew as the rebooted Roseanne that debuted in March. The missing piece though is a big one. Roseanne was canceled in May after a tweet... Read More

MTV's 'Real World' Is Coming To Facebook

Real World moved out of MTV for the last time in January of 2017, but the show has found a new home on Facebook. Wednesday the company behind the landmark reality series announced that the show will be back for an unbelievable 33rd season, streaming on Facebook Watch. The social site will offer a... Read More