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Backstreet Boys

NYPD Officer Performs Backstreet Boys Karaoke from Squad Car

The Backstreet Boys are gearing up for a massive cross-country run, embarking on their biggest tour in years after wrapping up their Las Vegas residency. It turns out, the longtime favorite boy band members aren’t the only ones readying for some fantastic performances. This NYPD police officer... Read More

Blink-182 Supports California Wildfire Victims with New T-Shirt

As the most devastating wildfire in California history rages on, artists everywhere are coming together with ways to help support those in its path. The loss of the homes of both humans and animals has led to the need for shelters, evacuations and more. To try and help offset the costs of the... Read More
Black friday big sale

How Much Will the Average Person Spend Black Friday?

Are you ready to get all the amazing deals on Black Friday/Thanksgiving? Over the last week or so, more and more retailers have released their sales ads for the biggest shopping day of the year. Target was the first retailer to put their sales out last week right after Halloween. Black Friday... Read More

Rhyme Time 11/13/18

SNOW Not stop but Go You make cookies with Dough When you cut the lawn you Mow Kids have ___ and tell Show When you’re quiet you tip Toe Not fast but Slow Short for Joseph Joe Not high but Low It’s a blackbird Crow Opposite of yes NO Read More

Spec's Wine Of The Week

This week's ‘ Wine Of The Week’ from Spec's is the GRUET Blanc de Noir Sparkling , and a bottle can be yours for the cash price of $12.19 with your Spec’s key! Hey guys it’s Lauren Kelly, and complex aromas and flavors of raspberry, baked pear and cherry are complemented by a hint of toasted... Read More

All The Feels

For a lot of people flying isn’t something they laugh about, in fact, for a lot of people, it’s terrifying. However, flight attendant Daniel Sandberg is making flying a little more light-hearted. Video of World's Funniest Flight Attendant Leaves Passengers In Hysterics Daniel is a flight... Read More