Goya Margarita Chicken

Great for chicken fajitas, if you are on a high protein diet, or if you need a change of pace.

August 20, 2019



2 tbs of Garlic

2 tbs of salt

2 lemons-juiced

16-ish oz of store-bought margarita mix (you can make your own, but this is easier)

Mix together-pour over chicken breasts (4 breasts if you need an “amount of chicken”)

Let marinate for 4 hours (not overnight!  It could chemically cook the chicken and make for dry chicken)




Cover chicken with a heavy amount of Goya lemon pepper adobo.  Really cover the chicken well.  2-3 tbs

1 Tbs of cumin

Salt to taste



Oil pan (so chicken and marinade sugars don’t stick)

Cook chicken until juices run clear (6-8 min)


This is great for chicken fajitas or if you are on a high protein diet and need a change of pace. 

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