Broke Girls Guide to Houston Valentine's Day Under $25

February 6, 2019

Hey it’s intern Adrianna from The Cage Show, are you bummed out because you got less dough than a pizza hut on valentine's day? Don’t worry I got your back here’s a list of things to do with that special someone in Houston for under $25 bucks 


1. VDay falls on a Thursday so that means FREE museums all day! 

It’s like bar-hoping but with museums. Hit up MOFA or the Museum of Natural Science and comment on bones!  

Cost FREE 

2. Take your date to Sams or Costco for free food samples ….mmm samples… 


3. Buy a bottle of wine, chocolates and fuzzy handcuffs from the 99 Cent Only Store, Last I (er..a friend) checked they got it! 

Cost about 6 bucks. 

4. Rent a bike in midtown and ride to Eleanor Tinsley Park for a romantic view of Houstons Skyline 

Cost 3 bucks for 30 mins. 

5. Take your date to one of the bridges right over 59, hold hands on the bridge and stare deep into each other's eyes … your date will feel like they’re on cloud nine. 

Cost FREE 

6. Have a BYOB- Bring Your Own Bacon party, because who doesn’t love bacon!!!  (clothes on for this one) 

Cost 4 bucks. 

7. A romantic walk through Bed Bath and Beyond and smell candles together.

Cost Free 

8. LoveBuffet - Stop by fast food joints in your neighborhood and only pick up your favorite from each. Popeyes.. just buy the biscuits, McDonald only get the fries. Before you know it you’ll have a buffet to take home and know exactly what you want to eat. WIN WIN!! 

Cost about $10 bucks 

9. Take a ride through the city on the Metro Rail and play I spy ... reward each other with Eskimo kisses. 

Cost $1.25 

10. DIY Bacon Roses for your Valentine, because flowers die and have leftover bacon… 

Cost about 4 Bucks. 

Grand total = $24.25