INTERN THOUGHTS: Five Reasons Why You are Better off Single on Valentine's Day! 

February 8, 2019

Hey it’s Intern Adrianna, single like me for Valentines Day? Don’t sweat it, here’s a sweet list I shout at people to remind them of why being single is totally OKAY!  

1.  You do what you WANT and don't have to share with ANYONE!  Eat all the damn mini chocolate chips.  

2. You know your worth and you're not one to settle, so keep those options open.   

3. Money!! You don't have to spend your hard earned cash on expensive gifts that will be forgotten by next year.   Seriously, go ask a coupled friend what they got last year.   Plus, dating Amazon is way more fun anyway. 

4. SALES!! Especially candy! You can get all the candy you want, holiday chocolate is the best especially if its cheap! 

5. Free time- After all its just another day so you can put on your sweats, grab a bag of Funyuns, some Kool-Aid and binge watch your favorite movie on the couch. 

You are the pink Starburst, never forget it.