True or False: Michael Myers from "Halloween" Was Named After a Real Person?

October 17, 2018

I HATE scary movies, Sam from the Cage Show but my coworkers are making me go see the latest Halloween movie on Friday. So I might as well try and get as up to date on Micheal Myers and the Halloween classic movies.


Are you a Michael Myers fanatic? ​Think you know all these answers... 

1.  The original "Halloween" from 1978 was written and directed by George A Romero.


2.  The new "Halloween" is the THIRD one in the franchise called "Halloween", with no numbers or subtitles.  Just "Halloween."


3.  Jamie Lee Curtis's mom was in one of the sequels.


4.  Adjusted for inflation, the original "Halloween" made more at the box office than any of the sequels have.


5.  The villain Michael Myers was named after a real guy John Carpenter knew.


1. FALSE  It was written and directed by John Carpenter.  George Romero did "Night of the Living Dead".

2. TRUE  The first one was "Halloween" . . . the 2007 remake directed by Rob Zombie was called "Halloween" . . . and the new one is also "Halloween."  There have also been two movies in the franchise called "Halloween 2".  This is the 11th movie in the franchise.

3.TRUE  Janet Leigh had a bit part in the 1998 sequel, "Halloween: H20".  For those who don't know, she's also the actress from the famous shower scene in "Psycho".

4TRUE  It made $47 million in 1978, which is like $184 million today.  "Halloween: H2O" is next.  It made $55 million in 1998, which is like $107 million today.

5. TRUE  A guy named Michael Myers helped promote one of his earlier movies called "Assault on Precinct 13".  So he paid tribute . . . by naming a serial killer after him.