96 Second News: Channing Tatum Dating Jessie J; Carlos Correa Planning 2019 Wedding

Channing has a new lady in his life...singer Jessie J!

October 11, 2018

**Carlos Correa stole our hearts last year when he proposed to his girlfriend Daniella Rodriguez at the end of the World Series. Since then, everyone's been wondering when the couple will finally tie the knot.

During an exclusive interview with ABC 13, Correa's mother-in-law, Martha Rodriguez, says the couple is planning to host their wedding in December 2019.

Martha is known for making her "blinged out" custom jackets for the wives' and girlfriends of the Astros players. Many details about the wedding were not released, but Martha did say that if she has anything to do with Daniella's wedding gown, it will be bedazzled with Swarovski crystals.

With the wedding being a little more than a year away, Daniella has not released information about her gown or a possible venue.


**Channing Tatum is dating singer Jessie J following his split from Jenna Dewan, Us Weekly can exclusively reveal.

Tatum, 38, and Jessie, 30, have been seeing each other for a couple months, sources confirm to Us. The actor has been spotted at the “Domino” singer’s recent concerts in Seattle and Salt Lake City. According to a social media user, the pair played mini golf together at a local course in Seattle on Saturday, October 6. Most recently, Tatum was spotted at Jessie’s show in Salt Lake City on Monday, October 8.

A second source tells Us that “it’s new, casual and they’re having fun together.”



**With Halloween just around the corner, It’Sugar has released a candy collection dedicated to the Netflix drama Stranger Things.

The eight-piece collection, which debuted on Thursday, October 4, includes a fruit-flavored My Little Pollywog gummy that measures just over three inches, exactly like Dustin’s (Gaten Matarazzo) pet Dart. As a nod to Eleven (played by Millie Bobby Brown) and her infatuation with Eggo waffles, the collection also features a gummy waffle complete with a butter pat that tastes like maple.

As if that wasn’t enough gummy goodness, It’Sugar’s line also boasts edible gray slime that tastes like sour green apple and comes in a Hawkins National Lab specimen jar, and gummy letters meant to emulate the Christmas lights Joyce (Winona Ryder) uses to communicate with the alternate dimension.

Chocolate lovers will be pleased to know It’Sugar is also selling an Upside Down chocolate bar and a milk carton full of malted milk balls that features an ad for missing Barb (Shannon Purser) on the back.



**A 33-year-old woman named Gina Lyons from London and her 35-year-old husband Mark Lee went on their honeymoon to Sri Lanka back in December.  And they LOVED the small hotel they were staying at.

But one night, while they were about 12 glasses of rum deep, they found out the hotel was going to shut down because the owners either couldn't or wouldn't make the lease payments.

And when Gina and Mark found out those payments were around $40,000 total for three years . . . they BOUGHT the hotel on the spot and signed a new three-year lease.

The problem is . . . it's not like they're rich.  Once they sobered up, they panicked over what they'd done . . . but a deal is a deal.

So they sunk in another $8,000 for some renovations and reopened the hotel in July.  They're calling it Lucky Beach Tangalle, and they say, fortunately, business has been GREAT. 



**I feel like we get a new dating term every two weeks now, so sorry if you’re dating and you’re trying to keep up…

Here's the newest dating term for you:  SNEATING. That's when a woman goes on dates with guys JUST to get free meals. Preferably at nice restaurants, because if you're going to do something unethical, might as well go all the way with it.

The term is supposed to be a combination of sneaky and eating. 



**Hurricane Michael is a SERIOUS category four hurricane that's wreaking havoc on Florida right now.  Sending our thoughts to anyone who’s there or who has friends and family over there. However, not sure we needed more proof of just how EVIL of a storm it is . . . but here you go.

Some satellite images of the hurricane make it look like there's a SKULL in the center.  Like, seriously, it looks JUST like a demon skull with flaming red eyes.

Of course, there's not really a skull there, it's just a coincidence from how the colors look on the map. 



**SELENA GOMEZ is apparently NOT doing well right now. 

TMZ says she was hospitalized twice over the past two weeks.  The second time she suffered "an emotional breakdown," and she's now at a mental health facility for treatment.

The first problem came two weeks ago, when Selena was "despondent and emotional" over an alarmingly low white blood cell count, which is possibly a side-effect of the kidney transplant she had last year. She was released a few days later, but then had to be re-admitted late last week because her low blood cell count persisted, and it threw her into a downward spiral, emotionally. 

In mid-September, Selena announced she was taking a break from social media, and said, quote, "Just remember, negative comments can hurt anybody's feelings."  And just before that, she did a Q&A where she said she's been struggling with depression for five years.



**By now, everyone knows that going on WebMD is trouble . . . because no matter what your symptoms are, it'll make you think it’s fatal. But the Internet is cheaper and more convenient than a doctor. . . and even OPRAH does it.

Oprah said she recently noticed that her lymph nodes were really swollen, so she Googled it, and naturally she was alarmed by what she saw. But she also did what you're SUPPOSED to do:  She went to the doctor.

It turned out her salivary glands were just blocked. Her doctor told her to drink water and suck on some lemons to stimulate her salivary ducts. And it WORKED . . . the swelling was better the next day, and it was pretty much gone the day after that.

Moral of the story: WEB MD IS NEVER A GOOD IDEA



**The divorce is final, BEN AFFLECK is sober, and JENNIFER GARNER is finally back to dating again.

A source says, quote, "Jen doesn't want to be single for the rest of her life, so she is open to dating. She has been on dates, but it seems she isn't serious about a guy. As always, she is mostly focused on her kids and her job."

On a related note, you've probably heard by now that Ben has broken up with "Playboy" model SHAUNA SEXTON.  But a source says it wasn't a big deal because it was casual to begin with.

Quote, "Ben knew that the relationship wasn't right, so he ended it before it really got started.  He enjoyed being with her but is working on himself."