96 Second News: Emmy Predictions For This Weekend

The awards show airs this weekend, see who is favored to win!

September 20, 2019



**The Emmys are this Sunday, and if you're into predictions, the "Hollywood Reporter" has put together a list of who WILL win every category, along with who SHOULD win. Here are the highlights:

1.  Best Drama:

Who will win:  "Game of Thrones", HBO

 Who should win:  "Succession", HBO

2.  Best Comedy:

Who will win:  "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel", Amazon

Who should win:  "Fleabag", Amazon

3.  Best TV Movie:

Who will win:  "Black Mirror: Bandersnatch", Netflix

Who should win:  "Deadwood: The Movie", HBO

4.  Best Actor in a Drama Series:

Who will win:  Jason Bateman for "Ozark", Netflix

Who should win:  Bob Odenkirk for "Better Call Saul", AMC

5.  Best Actress in a Drama Series:

Who will win:  Sandra Oh for "Killing Eve", BBC America

Who should win:  Jodie Comer for "Killing Eve", BBC America

6.  Best Reality Competition:

Who will win:  "RuPaul's Drag Race", VH1

Who should win:  "Top Chef", Bravo

(HollywoodReporter.com has more, and you can revisit the nominees, here.  The Emmys air Sunday on Fox, beginning at 8:00 P.M. Eastern and 5:00 P.M. Pacific.  And like this year's Oscars, there's NO HOST.)


**New in Theaters:

1.  "Rambo: Last Blood"  (R) 

Sylvester Stallone returns for the fifth movie in the series as badass Vietnam veteran John Rambo, who we first met 37 years ago in the 1982 movie "First Blood". 

He's living a quiet life on a ranch, until his niece is kidnapped by a sex-trafficking ring run by the most violent cartel in Mexico.  He gets help from a journalist played by Spanish actress Paz Vega and his niece is played by an actress named Yvette Monreal.

2.  "Downton Abbey"  (PG) 

The Crawley family prepares for an unexpected royal visit from the King and Queen of England at their enormous Edwardian countryside estate Downton Abbey.

The show ran for six seasons (from 2010-2015) and won 15 Emmys with a cast that includes "Harry Potter's" Maggie Smith as the family matriarch, Dowager Countess Violet Crawley, and Michelle Dockery as her granddaughter Lady Mary Talbot.

3.  "Ad Astra"  (PG-13) 

Brad Pitt stars in this paranoid space thriller about an astronaut who goes on a mission to uncover the truth about his father who went missing on a doomed expedition 30 years earlier. 

Tommy Lee Jones plays his dad.  The rest of the cast includes Liv Tyler, Ruth Negga and Donald Sutherland.


**PlentyOfFish.com is banning the use of photo filters in profile pics to make it harder for people to misrepresent what they look like.

They polled members and found 70% think filters are deceptive.  Especially ones that airbrush your face.  And 52% said they should be banned.

23% of people also said using a filter like that makes you seem insecure . . . and 16% said it makes you seem superficial.

Looks aren't the only thing we lie about on dating sites though . . .45% of users admitted they embellish their looks.  But 51% also stretch the truth about their hobbies and interests . . . 34% lie about their income . . . and 31% have lied about their education.


**When you buy your Halloween candy this year . . . here's what kids actually want.

According to a new survey of kids ages eight to 17, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups are the most popular . . . by far.  They got 18% of the vote, which is more than double the next runner up.

The 10 most popular are:  Reese's Peanut Butter Cups . . . Snickers . . . Twix . . . Kit Kat . . . M&M's . . . Nerds . . . Butterfinger . . . Sour Patch Kids . . . Skittles . . . and Hershey bars.

Tootsie Rolls came in last in the survey with just 1% of the vote.  Candy corn and Smarties tied for second-worst . . . they each got 2%. 


**MAYIM BIALIK and JIM PARSONS from "The Big Bang Theory" are working together again.  They're co-producing a sitcom called "Carla", which is now in the running to be on Fox's schedule NEXT fall.

Mayim will star on the show as Carla, a 39-year-old woman who spent the money her parents set aside for her wedding to open a cat café in Kentucky.  But it won't be a FULL reunion, because Jim isn't expected to have an onscreen role. 

It's based on the BBC sitcom "Miranda", which ran from 2009 and 2015, and starred Miranda Hart and Tom Ellis.



**KIM KARDASHIAN is a woman who has her priorities straight.  Like when she delayed the birth of her daughter North West by two hours . . . because HER NAILS WERE THE WRONG COLOR.

Kim Kardashian West joined her BFF Jonathan Cheban for an interview on his new podcast, Foodgod: OMFG. And in the course of the conversation, Kim said quote, "My nails were, like, dark.  It was when I was still in my Lincoln Park After Dark phase of nails or like my Burgundy nails.  And I was like, 'Oh, no, no, I'm having a girl.  I really need a nice light pink nail for delivery.'"

So she asked the doctor if she could wait two hours.  He said that was cool, so she got her pink nails, then had baby North.

The more you know.



**A company called Astride Bionix is selling a WEARABLE CHAIR that straps to the back of your legs and butt, and automatically folds out when you sit down.

It's called the LEX chair, and they got funding for it on Kickstarter last year. The chairs ARE fairly sleek and streamlined . . . for wearable furniture anyway.  And they claim you can do normal activities while you're wearing one, even running.

The company behind them also claims they promote perfect posture . . . protect your knees and back . . . and that being able to sit down anywhere will revolutionize the way people work.

They're available for preorder through their website, LexByAstride.com.  But they're pretty expensive at $400 EACH. The company's planning to start shipping them in December, just in time for Christmas.