96 Second News: George Strait To Play Rodeo Houston 2019; Meghan Markle's Dad Won't Be At The Royal Wedding

May 16, 2018

**Meghan Markle's father has been going back and forth about attending the royal wedding this weekend, and just when he made up his mind to stick with the plan of walking her down the aisle, the choice was made for him. Less than a week before her wedding to Prince Harry, a new report revealed that Thomas Markle suffered a heart attack. Then, on May 14, he was suffering chest pains and feared that another heart attack was on the way. Finally, on May 15, docs told him he needed to have heart surgery, so he won't be able to go after all.

"The doctors will go in and clear blockage, repair damage and put a stent where it is needed," Tom told TMZ. He is scheduled to go under the knife on Wednesday, May 16, which means there's no way to recover in time to get to the wedding.

Thomas told TMZ on May 14 that his new chest pains were brought on by the emotional distress of seeing daughter Samantha Grant shade Meghan. "I've been popping Valium for the pain, especially when I hear about my oldest daughter," he said. He also said that Meghan's mother would make a good backup to walk her down the aisle. 


**The Houston Rockets will play game 2 of the Western Conference Finals against the Golden State Warriors tonight here at the Toyota Center. Tip off is at 8p, but fans need to make sure to get to the game early though, for tons of pre-game festivities.


**On Monday night, a fashion designer named Cloe Feldman tweeted out a video where a computer-generated voice says one word.  And the word is either Yanny . . . or Laurel.  And people are going crazy arguing over which is right.

Some people hear "Yanny" and some people hear "Laurel."  Some even hear both . . . I heard "Yanny" when I listened to it through the speaker on my phone, but I heard "Laurel" when I listened with headphones.

And according to a poll on Buzzfeed, 50% of people said they heard Yanny . . . 36% heard Laurel . . . and 13% could hear both.

So what's going on?  Apparently it all has to do with the audio frequencies. Younger people are more likely to hear "yanny," because that's what's coming through in higher frequencies that they can still hear.  You're also more likely to hear "yanny" in bad speakers, because they don't handle lower frequencies so well.

But with good headphones, you'll probably hear "laurel" . . . which is what the voice is ACTUALLY saying.  I think.  Maybe.


**Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo officials announced changes to the 2019 schedule, with the addition of an extra day and a concert-only performance by the king of country music: none other than George Strait.

The 2019 rodeo will run for 21 days -- Monday, Feb. 25 -- Sunday, March 17. Strait will perform on the final night, marking his 30th RODEOHOUSTON performance.

"We are extremely excited to welcome George Strait back to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo," said Joel Cowley, Rodeo president and CEO. "George has a long history with the Rodeo, first taking the stage back in 1983. He's been with us through many of our major milestones during the past three decades, has entertained more than 1.5 million RODEOHOUSTON fans and is the only platinum honoree on our Star Trail of Fame."

Strait will return to RODEOHOUSTON on Sunday, March 17, for a full-length evening concert in NRG Stadium. The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo will be the only Texas performance for Strait in 2019. Opening acts will be announced at a later date. 

The remaining 2019 RODEOHOUSTON entertainment schedule will be announced in early January. Individual tickets for all RODEOHOUSTON performances, including the George Strait concert-only performance, will go on sale in early January 2019. A limited amount of season tickets will go on sale to the public on Aug. 1, 2018.


**Summer is here, and a lot of people get sunburns this time of year. Even when you don't think you need sunblock, you DO. Now here's a trick that can help if you DO get a sunburn.

You probably know aloe helps your skin heal. But if you don't have any, there's something else in your fridge that can help too. A cold compress using MILK instead of water can take some of the pain away and speed up the healing process.

It helps cool your skin down. The vitamin A and vitamin D help you heal.  And the lactic acid acts like an exfoliant and gets rid of all the dead skin.


**A Dickinson woman is being honored by Petco for her heroic actions in helping save hundreds of animals in the midst of Hurricane Harvey.

The company named Sarah Saunders of Bayou Animals Services an unsung hero.

During the storm, Saunders along with Bayou Animal Services housed and took care of more than 500 animals. Saunders is one of six others to receive the award from across the country.

For her work in saving these animals, Saunders was recognized with a $10,000 grant. Out of the six finalists, only one, by popular vote, will be named Unsung Hero of the year and will receive an additional $25,000 towards their work.

Voters have until May 25th to cast their votes for Sara Saunders.


**Kanye West has totally disconnected himself in order to stay in the zone while making new music.

“For anyone whose tried to text or call me in the past 2 weeks I got rid of that phone so I could focus on these albums,” the Grammy winner, 40, tweeted on Tuesday, May 15.

West previously revealed that he’s been working on two new albums, including a collaboration with Kid Cudi, to be released in June. “my album is 7 songs. June 1st,” he wrote via Twitter in April, then adding in another post: “me and Cudi album June 8th. it’s called Kids See Ghosts. That’s the name of our group.”


**According to a new survey, 86% of dog owners say they'd dump someone who didn't like their dog.

And people also trust their dog to set them up.  Three out of 10 people say they've used their dog as a way to start talking to a potential date . . . and they were successful 84% of the time.

78% of people with dogs say they're more likely to hook up with someone if that person also has a dog.

And finally, 16% of married dog owners say that if it came down to it, they'd rather celebrate their dog's birthday than their spouse's birthday. 


**Ed Sheeran loves Heinz ketchup.  He carries a reserve with him at all times so he never has to live without it.  He even has the logo tattooed on his arm.

Well, Ed is on tour in Ireland right now, so a gelato shop called Gelati Enniscrone & Ballina has decided to honor him . . . with a KETCHUP ICE CREAM.  And it's no joke. 

The ice cream is made with Heinz ketchup, then TOPPED with Heinz ketchup.  Ed has yet to try it.  It's not even clear if he knows about it. 

His only dates left in Ireland are in Dublin, and Enniscrone is on the opposite coast, more than three hours away. 



**Walmart rolled out Tuesday their online grocery delivery service in Houston.

The retailer is expanding its service to Sugar Land, Katy, Tomball, Spring, Pearland and Missouri City.

This new service will make Houston the 10th metro area nationwide to receive the service.

Walmart also offers same day delivery, not to your car, but your doorstep.