96 Second News: Heavy Weather To Watch Out For This Weekend, 'Bachelorette' Contestant In Hot Water

June 14, 2018

**Prepare for RAIN when making your Father's Day weekend plans...

ABC 13 Meteorologist Travis Herzog says a surge of tropical moisture around a tropical wave will bring several rounds of rain starting Saturday. The National Hurricane Center is still giving this tropical wave only a 20-percent chance of developing into a tropical depression or storm once it reaches the southwestern Gulf Friday. 

We are looking at three to four days with the potential for heavy tropical downpours that could flood streets, with the most intense rains looking to fall Sunday into Monday, with 2-4" common but over 6" possible in isolated spots. Street flooding is most likely, but bayou and creek flooding cannot be ruled out.


**Lincoln Adim, a contestant on the current season of "The Bachelorette," was convicted of indecent assault and battery in May stemming from a 2016 groping incident on a Massachusetts cruise ship, officials said.

Adim was found guilty on May 21 and must register as a sex offender, according to the Suffolk County District Attorney's Office. Officials said Adim groped and assaulted a woman on a harbor cruise on May 30, 2016.

The contestant was sentenced to one year behind bars, but the term was suspended for two years of probation. He was also ordered to stay away from the victim and attend three Alcoholics Anonymous meetings per week for the two years of probation.

If he fails to comply with the terms, he could be ordered to serve his term behind bars. Adim's biography on the show's website says he is a 26-year-old account sales executive who lived in Boston as a teenager and now lives in Los Angeles. He was named after Abraham Lincoln.

ABC and Warner Bros., which produces the show, had no comment.


**A new survey found 68% of cars currently have at least one thing wrong with them.  And when people were asked whether they could handle relatively simple fixes . . . like changing a tire . . . the answer for most was a resounding NOPE.

Here are six fixes, and how many of us feel "extremely confident" we could do them . . .

1.  Could you add windshield washer fluid to your car?  30% aren't sure they could.

2.  Could you replace your windshield wipers?  52% don't know if they could handle it.

3.  Could you jump start your car if the battery died?  53% don't know if they could.

4.  Could you put a spare tire on?  61% aren't sure.  One in five don't even know how to use a gauge to check the tire pressure.

5.  Could you replace a blown fuse?  63% aren't sure they could do it.

6.  Could you change your own oil?  67% said no.

Now here's the craziest stat.  Researchers showed people different photos of car parts.  And 41% couldn't even identify which part was the ENGINE. 


**According to a new survey, 22% of people won't buy Father's Day gifts for their dad until Father's Day.  Like, on the way to meeting him for lunch, they'll buy him a card or something. And the saddest part is . . . he'll pretend it doesn't bother him, but it will.

Another survey found that dads really DO care about Father's Day a lot more than they let on.

93% of them say they really want to get a gift on Sunday . . . even though about half of them won't admit it to their kids. 


**A new WINE-FLAVORED WATER is going on sale in July.  It's like bottled water, but they use wine grapes to infuse a little bit of flavor into it . . . and it's non-alcoholic.  So yeah, it's just like super watered down wine that won't get you drunk.

It comes in both red and white.  And if it somehow appeals to you, it's called O. Vine Wine Grape Infused Water . . . and you can go to WineWater.com next month to find out where to buy it. 


**The people at Green Giant asked almost 4,000 Americans to pick their favorite vegetable.  And here's what they found . . .

1.  Broccoli is the most popular vegetable in the country.  It came out on top in 24 of the 50 states.

2.  Corn is the second-most popular . . . it came in first in nine states.

3.  Potatoes won six states . . . carrots won five states . . . string beans won three states . . . and cucumbers won two.

4.  Peas won one state . . . Idaho.  That's right, they didn't go with potatoes.

5.  And that means onions, green peppers, celery, spinach, and kale are not the most popular ANYWHERE. 


**The folks at Best Cities released a best U.S. cities ranking, and the Bayou City notched a place in the top 10!

According to Best Cities, Houston is the seventh-best metropolitan in the country, based on methodology that looks at the place, product, programming, people, prosperity, and promotion of a town.

"Smart, skilled and soulful, Houston is the American city of the future," the Best Cities website stated in lauding Houston.

The city landed high marks in terms of place, people, and prosperity. It cited Houston's diversity, housing affordability, and leadership in the health care , manufacturing, engineering, finance, and aerospace industries.


**A new survey asked 6,000 Americans about their drunk eating habits.  And Taco Bell is BY FAR the most popular place to go when we need to soak up some alcohol.

41% of Americans said it's their favorite spot for drunk dining.  McDonald's is next at 25%, followed by Waffle House, 13% . . . Denny's, 6% . . . and IHOP, 5%. Here are four more stats from the survey:

1.  We consume an average of 775 extra calories after a heavy night of drinking.  790 for men, and 759 for women.

2.  Taco Bell is the top choice in 31 states.  McDonald's is #1 in 14.  And five states across the South prefer Waffle House.  

3.  Out of those top three spots, Waffle House packs the most calories.  The average drunk order there contains 979 calories.  At McDonald's, 788 calories.  And at Taco Bell, 723 calories.

4.  The top three drunk orders for women at Taco Bell are tacos, quesadillas, and nachos.  For men, it's tacos, burritos, and Cheesy Gordita Crunches. 


**A new study at the University of Miami found that having wrinkles around your EYES is a GOOD thing, because it makes you seem more sincere and genuine.

Researchers had people look at photos of different expressions.  Some of the people in the photos had wrinkles around their eyes, and some didn't. And the ones with wrinkles were consistently rated as more sincere.

The explanation they came up with is pretty simple. Basically, our brains are just pre-wired to view people as more sincere if they have wrinkles around their eyes.

And being seen as more sincere is a good thing. Because when people feel like they know what you're thinking and feeling, it makes you more trustworthy. 


**It's wedding season apparently, and here are some results from a new study on weddings:

1.  64% of people say the wedding planning process is stressful.  The biggest source of stress is the budget . . . the second biggest is other people, like your mother or mother-in-law.

2.  50% of people say their spouse was involved, quote, "just the right amount" in planning.  20% say their spouse wasn't involved, but that was a GOOD thing.

3.  Brides say it's three times more important for their dress to look good than for the flowers to look good . . . and they say getting their hair and makeup right is more important than their wedding vows.

4.  The cities that have the most "bridezillas" are:  New York . . . San Francisco . . . Detroit . . . Houston . . . and Tampa. 

5.  And one out of three brides in New York give their bridesmaids specific instructions on how TAN they should be for the wedding.