96 Second News: Houston Athletes Named As Sports Illustrated's Most Fashionable; Pillsbury Dough-Boy Going Away

Which H-Town athletes have the best fashion, and more more "WOO-HOO's" from the dough boy anymore!

July 11, 2018

**July 11 is a national day dedicated to that cooling, minty, lime-flavored cocktail, the mojito.

The traditional Cuban highball consists of white rum, sugar or sugar cane juice, lime juice, soda water, and mint leaves, which bartenders muddle as part of the trademark for the drink.

The mojito's origins vary, with historians contending Cuban sugar cane fields of the 19th century were instrumental in the drink's beginnings. Another story traces the cocktail's beginning to the 16th century with similarities to a drink called "El Draque," which was named after English navigator Sir Francis Drake.


**Houston's dining scene will soon make another appearance in the national spotlight courtesy of one of the country's most popular celebrity chefs.

Andrew Zimmern spent the weekend in Houston filming at a number of local restaurants for the second season of The Zimmern List, his Travel Channel show that guides viewers to the chef's favorite things to eat in various cities across America.

While the chef is best known for his show Bizarre Eats, where he travels the globe eating unusual food, this program is designed to give viewers a list of places they can easily visit.


**Sports Illustrated just released its list of the most fashionable athletes. Three Rockets and one Texan made the cut.

New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. came in at No. 1 on the list. The Rockets on the list are Chris Paul, James Harden and P.J. Tucker.

Paul said he has found a way to incorporate Jordan Brand shoes into his outfits. He currently has signature basketball shoes with the brand. Some of his favorite brands are Paul Smith and Club Monaco.

Many likely saw Harden's "cow" outfit at the NBA Awards in June. You will always see Harden wearing an outfit that stands out in the crowd. One of Harden's stylists is Kesha McLeod.

Tucker is also known for his extensive shoe collection, sometimes spending thousands of dollars on solely shoes every purchase.

DeAndre Hopkins is the lone Texan on the list. His favorite items of clothing are Helmut Land long-sleeve henley and light-wash jeans from G-Star. Some of his style idols are Chelsea Raveinero and Pharrell Williams.


**Summer is traditionally prime time for shark geeks, with the global (and often over-the-top) TV sensation Shark Week, the obligatory shark catch story, and, of course, the annual summer foolhardy shark/human encounter.

Now, Houstonians who delight in toothy, oceanic predators - and travel - can jump aboard a new Shark Week-themed plane.

In celebration of the juggernaut's 30th anniversary, Southwest Airlines has unveiled five shark-themed aircraft, which will operate in the airline's 99 destinations and more than 4,000 daily flights.


**The days of the Pillsbury Doughboy releasing a joyous "hoo-hoo" when he's poked are coming to an end.

Smucker's announced it's parting ways with Pillsbury, selling most of its U.S. baking businesses to a private company for nearly $400 million. The CEO of Smucker's says the decision will allow the company to focus more on pet foods and snacks.

This deal is only the latest within the food industry as consumers continue to push for healthier options.


**STXfilms has signed Kelly Clarkson to voice the character Moxy in its upcoming animated “UglyDolls” movie and perform original songs for the feature.

“Kelly Clarkson has been a role model to millions of fans since the beginning of her momentous career,” said Adam Fogelson, chairman of STX films. “We are beyond thrilled that for her next project she chose to do ‘Uglydolls’ after she saw our character designs, animatics and set pieces, which she loved. We look forward to collaborating with an artist of Kelly’s exceptional talent and versatility.”

Clarkson has worldwide sales of more than 25 million albums and 36 million singles. She is appearing on the 15th season of “The Voice.”

Variety first reported in 2015 that STX had launched a family and animation division with the “UglyDoll” movie as its first project in a deal with Pretty Ugly LLC, the toy company behind the critters. The toys subvert the idea of ugly by turning the adjective into a positive, and include characters such as Wage, Babo, Ice-Bat, and Wedgehead.


**According to a new study, the UGLIER a guy is, the more he's expected to spend on an engagement ring.  In other words, if you're super handsome, you can buy a tiny diamond.  If you're a Goblin, you need a diamond the size of a golf ball.

But . . . maybe guys don't mind.  Because the study also found that the more attractive a guy found his girlfriend, the more he was willing to spend on the ring.  None of this is life affirming at all. 


According to another recent survey, roughly 8 in 10 Americans read nutrition labels.  And you might guess that calories are the #1 thing they're worried about.  But that's NOT actually the case.

71% of Americans check nutrition labels to find out how much SUGAR they're in for.  Possibly because it's in EVERYTHING now.  The top five things we look for are:  sugar content . . . calories . . . fat content . . . how much salt there is . . . and how many carbs there are.

The survey also found the top five health food buzzwords we like to see on food packaging are "natural" . . . "non-GMO" . . . "organic" . . . "grass-fed" . . . and "pasture-raised."

And in general, the top things we're concerned about when buying food are the quality of the ingredients, followed by price.


**Selena Gomez stepped out in New York City on Tuesday in a bold T-shirt after her ex Justin Bieber’s quick engagement to Hailey Baldwin.

Selena wore a black Storets top that featured the phrase “Only the Strong Survive” written over its front pocket. She paired it with gray sweatpants, white sneakers and large black sunglasses. She appeared to be in good spirits while showing off her new long hair.

Gomez’s outing came three days after Bieber, 24, proposed to Baldwin, 21, while the couple were on vacation in the Bahamas. The model showed off her huge engagement ring while out and about with her new fiancé the next day.

Justin confirmed the news via Instagram on Monday, July 9, writing in part, “You are the love of my life Hailey Baldwin and I wouldn’t want to spend it with anybody else.”


**Here are some interesting facts when it comes to finding out what kind of cars thieves have been stealing the most of…

The Houston Police Department released a list of the top 10 makes of vehicles reported stolen in Houston during the month of June.

HPD lists the makes of vehicles and the number of thefts in order:

Chevrolet trucks - 220

Ford trucks - 139

GMC trucks - 57

Chevy cars - 52

Dodge trucks - 45

Toyota cars - 39

Nissan cars - 33

Honda cars - 27

Ford cars - 24

Toyota trucks - 24

Dodge cars - 21


**Facebook founder MARK ZUCKERBERG has overtaken WARREN BUFFETT to become the world's third-richest person.  He's now worth $81.6 billion, about $373 million more than Buffett.  

Zuckerberg only trails Amazon's JEFF BEZOS with $142 billion and Microsoft founder BILL GATES with $94.2 billion. 

And now for the first time the three richest people all made their fortunes from technology.

Zuckerberg just passed Buffett on Friday, when Facebook shares climbed 2.4%, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.