96 Second News: Houston Texans Fall To New Orleans Saints

It was a really good (and close!) game last night!

September 10, 2019

**The Houston Texans went into New Orleans and lost at the last second 30-28 in last night's Monday Night Football game. It was one of the best games to kick off the 2019 NFL season though, and they kept it close for most of the evening. 

The Texans went into halftime leading 14-3, and even had the score at 20-10 for a bit too. However, in the first play of the fourth quarter, the Saints took a 24-21 lead and ultimately New Orleans kicked a 58-yard FG to win the game as the buzzer sounded.

The Texans will take on the Jacksonville Jaguars next Sunday here at NRG Stadium with kickoff at 12p. 

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**Apparently the new, trendy selfie pose is the "CHIN SHELF."  It's pretty simple:  You just put one finger underneath your chin as you take the picture.

And based on the pictures we've seen, it's also best if you tilt your head a tiny bit and stare dead-eyed off into space.

According to the London "Sun", quote, "Not only is the Chin Shelf perfect for resting your head in between shots, it also accentuates the facial features and is a more flattering approach to the 'head in hand' pose."

That's right:  If you're getting exhausted holding your head upright for multiple selfies, save yourself the grief by resting it on one finger. 



**A new survey asked parents what toys they played with as a kid that their kids also play with today.  In other words . . . what toys have stood the test of time and managed to stay relevant for several generations.

Here are the top 10 toys both parents and their kids played with when they were growing up: Play-Doh . . . Mr. Potato Head . . . troll dolls . . . My Little Pony . . . Furby . . . puzzles . . . a toy phone . . . Bop It . . . building blocks . . . and bicycles.

The survey also found 48% of parents say some version of their absolute FAVORITE childhood toy is still on the market . . . and 84% have bought or will buy that toy for their child. 


**Houston Astros fans who want a piece of the ballpark to take home might want to take advantage of this upcoming sale.

Team historian Mike Acosta said on Twitter Sunday that seats from Minute Maid Park will be removed during the offseason for renovation.

But the seats don't appear to be up for grabs just yet. Acosta said that sales will begin soon for pairs of seats.

If you're interested, you can send an email and leave your phone number. "Anyone wanting to purchase seats from Minute Maid Park that are being removed this offseason for a renovation can email authentics@astros.com. Sales will begin soon for pairs of seats. Please leave a phone number."

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**13-year-old Gianna Bryant is a basketball player . . . and like a lot of kids, her dad coaches her middle school team.  Although, UNLIKE a lot of kids, her dad is KOBE BRYANT.

And it sounds like their team is MUCH more intense than a typical middle school team . . . because they just ran up the score to get REVENGE on a team that beat them two years ago.

Kobe posted a photo of the girls celebrating an 88-POINT win.  The score was 115 to 27.  He captioned it, quote, "Two years ago, we lost to the same team 22 to 21. #hardwork #mambas."

Two years ago we lost to the same team 22-21 #hardwork #mambas

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**According to a new study out of Switzerland, taking naps is actually really good for your HEART.

The researchers found that people who took one or two naps a week had a lower risk of heart disease and strokes than people who never took naps.

Why?  Well, since basically none of us get enough sleep at night, naps are a good way to catch up a little bit, which is good for your heart.  Plus they help reduce your stress, which has a similar effect. 



**The "Hollywood Reporter" set out to determine the biggest box office BOMB of ALL TIME . . . and they considered notorious over-priced movies from all genres.

Ultimately, they decided it was Disney's 2012 movie "John Carter", which cost $263.7 million to make, plus at least $100 million more for marketing.  But it only earned $284 million worldwide . . . HALF what it would've needed to break even.

That's worse than "Cutthroat Island" in 1995, which reportedly cost $98 million . . . and up to $115 million when domestic marketing costs are factored in.  And yet, the movie only earned $15.7 million WORLDWIDE. 

If you're unfamiliar with the movie, it's description reads: "Transported to Barsoom, a Civil War vet discovers a barren planet seemingly inhabited by 12-foot tall barbarians. Finding himself prisoner of these creatures, he escapes, only to encounter Woola and a princess in desperate need of a savior."Director: Andrew Stanton Stars: Taylor Kitsch, Lynn Collins, Willem Dafoe 



**CHRISTIAN BALE says that ROBERT PATTINSON is an "interesting" choice to play Batman . . . and he has one piece of advice for him.

He said, quote, "Just be able to pee by yourself.  You don't feel like a superhero when you aren't able to [pee> by yourself."  Obviously, not all superhero suits are created equal in that department.

Christian said he offered the same advice to BEN AFFLECK. 



**A new study at the University of Sussex in England found that smelling a lemon makes us FEEL thinner, and ups our self-esteem . . . even though it doesn't actually make us lose weight.

People who sniffed a lemon felt thinner, lighter, and better about their body.  And smelling the scent of VANILLA did the opposite.  It made them feel heavier and more out of shape than they really were.

It has to do with how our brain associates different smells with various other things.  When we think of lemons, we think of freshness.  And when we think of vanilla, we think of things like cookies and ice cream that aren't good for us.

Researchers think it might be useful for people with eating disorders, who have issues with body image. Previous studies have shown that certain sounds can do the same thing.  When researchers changed the pitch of people's footsteps, they felt thinner, happier, and even changed the way they walked.  But this is the first study to show smells can do it too.