96 Second News: Info On Today's Astros Street Festival

First pitch is at 1:05p, but the street fest starts at 10a!

October 4, 2019

**According to ABC 13, the Houston Astros want everyone to wear orange today as the team kicks off on the postseason, starting with home games on Friday and Saturday against the Tampa Bay Rays.

A postseason street festival will be held beginning at 10 a.m. Friday outside of Minute Maid Park before Friday afternoon's game.

A festival will also be held before Saturday's game. The event includes live music, food trucks, photo booths and games, though a ticket to the game is required for entry.

The team store at the park is stocked with postseason merchandise, including an orange T-shirt with the message, "October Reign," and ball caps that read "Take It Back," referring to the World Series title.

Orange rally towels will be given to fans at each of the games, but the Astros are warning fans about traffic around Minute Maid Park, which, as expected, will be congested on both days.

ABC 13

And speaking of the Astros...Josh Reddick and wife Jett are parents to twin boys born Wednesday. The couple welcomed Maverick Joshua and Ryder Blaze to the world.

In an Instagram posted Thursday, Josh said Ryder, who weighed in at 5 pounds, 10 ounces, "was having some trouble breathing" and spent the night in the neo-natal ICU. Ryder would still need to be monitored for at least another 24 hours, Josh added. Maverick outweighed his brother at 6 pounds. 

"We can't wait to be officially together as our family of 4!" Josh concluded his post.

Reddick is hoping to add another ring to match his twin boys. He and the 'Stros play Game 1 of the American League Division Series on Friday. 


I’m a dad! Maverick Joshua Reddick- 6 pounds 19 1/4 inches. Ryder Blaze Reddick 5 pounds 10 ounces and 19 inches! I can’t believe it! My ❤️ is so full! They now share an Oct 2nd birthday with their big cousin Hunter! Ryder was having some trouble breathing in the real world so he had to go to NICU right after birth and spend the night. He’s doing better today and got his oxygen mask taken off but he still needs to be monitored there for at least another 24 hours. We can’t wait to be officially together as our family of 4!

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**It's National Taco Day, and a recent survey found only 5% of us DON'T like tacos. 95% of Americans like tacos, and 76% have them at least every few weeks.  Here are six more stats from two different National Taco Day surveys . . .

1.  According to one survey, our favorite taco filling is carne asada with 26% of the vote.  Followed by barbacoa, 24% . . . chicken, 18% . . . carnitas, 7% . . . and veggies got 4% of the vote.  But the second survey actually found chicken is #1.

2.  71% of us prefer tacos over burritos.

3.  People in the western U.S. are more likely to prefer hard tacos over soft tacos.

4.  The average soft taco fan eats 6.9 tacos a month . . . is more likely to be a cat person . . . more likely to be a night owl . . . and more likely to be in a relationship.

And here are a few Taco Day deals to check out: You can get two free tacos at Jack in the Box if you join their loyalty club.  Long John Silver's has free fish and shrimp tacos.  And Taco Bell has a fairly lame four-taco "Gift Box" deal for $5. 



**HBO has announced a new late night-style talk show that'll be hosted by ELMO from "Sesame Street".  Yes, seriously.  It's called "The Not Too Late Show with Elmo" . . . and he'll interview celebrity guests just like the late night shows do.

Production begins next month, but there's no word on a premiere date.  

By the way, it WON'T air on HBO, it'll be on their upcoming streaming service HBO Max.  In fact, ALL of HBO's "Sesame Street" content is moving to HBO Max . . . both new episodes, and reruns of all the classic episodes from the past 50 years.

HBO Max is expected to cost around $15 a month.

HBO says the new episodes of "Sesame Street" will air for free on PBS "at some point" after debuting on HBO.  But it doesn't sound like Elmo's show will ever get to PBS.  ("Sesame Street" has been on HBO since 2015.)



**A new survey polled 1,300 Americans.  And for the average person, the answer is scrambled eggs . . . LIGHTLY toasted bread . . . somewhat crispy bacon . . . and coffee with a decent amount of cream in it. Here's each part of a classic breakfast, and how people voted . . .

1.  Eggs:  Scrambled is the most popular choice with 36% of the vote.  Followed by over easy, 18% . . . sunny side up, 12% . . . over medium, 11% . . . hard boiled, 6% . . . and poached, 5%.

2.  Bacon:  37% said they like it somewhat crispy . . . 34% said very crispy . . . 16% said somewhat chewy . . . 4% said VERY chewy . . . and 1% like it burnt to a crisp.

3.  Toast:  58% voted for lightly toasted.  Followed by slightly darker, 28% . . . barely toasted, 8% . . . very toasted, 4% . . . and burnt, 1%.

4.  Coffee:  39% like it with enough cream that it's a light tan color.  Black coffee was next with 21% of the vote.  Then LOTS of cream, 11% . . . and just a little cream, 10%.


**Today is World Smile Day, so to celebrate, here are five things you might not know about smiling . . .

1.  Smiling is contagious.  According to scientific research, neurons in your brain have a synchronizing feature that keeps you in sync with people you're talking to. 

2.  It can make you feel better.  Science has shown that big, genuine smiles where you squint your eyes can boost your immune system and decrease cortisol in your body. 

3.  It can reduce blood pressure.  Smiling releases endorphins, which can lift your mood AND lower your blood pressure.

4.  It might get you promoted at work.  Studies have found that employers tend to promote people who smile more often. 

5.  Say "cheeks" instead of "cheese" when someone takes your picture.  Saying "cheeks" shapes your mouth better than saying "cheese" . . . and it lifts your cheeks upward, which gives you a more flattering and natural smile. 




1.  "Joker"  (R) 

Joaquin Phoenix is getting a lot of praise for his performance in this stand-alone origin story.  It's set in a dark and gritty Gotham City of 1981.  The fact that it's not a typical comic book movie is the whole point, but it's got a lot of people worried. Robert Deniro is also in the film. The movie is supposed to be extremely violent, and is definitely NOT for kids.

2.  "Lucy in the Sky"  (R) 

Natalie Portman plays an astronaut struggling with her grip on reality when she returns to Earth after experiencing how small her troubles are in the vastness of the space.  The rest of the cast includes Jon Hamm and Nick Offerman.


**Forbes.com put together a list of the highest-grossing horror movies of all time.  Actually, they did TWO lists.  One adjusted for inflation and one not.  Here's the Top 10 from each:

Adjusted for Inflation:

1.  "Jaws" (1975),  $1.154 billion

2.  "The Exorcist" (1973),  $996.5 million

3.  "Ghostbusters" (1984),  $641.3 million

4.  "The Sixth Sense" (1999),  $518.8 million

5.  "Gremlins" (1984),  $409.8 million

6.  "It" (2017),  $328.9 million

7.  "Jaws 2" (1978),  $312.8 million

8.  "The Amityville Horror" (1979),  $310.3 million

9.  "Alien" (1979),  $286.4 million

10.  "Scary Movie" (2000),  $262.5 million

Not Adjusted for Inflation:

1.  "It" (2017),  $327.5 million

2.  "The Sixth Sense" (1999),  $293.5 million

3.  "Jaws" (1975),  $260 million

4.  "Ghostbusters" (1984),  $242.2 million

5.  "The Exorcist" (1973),  $232.9 million

6.  "It: Chapter 2" (2019),  $195.7 million

7.  "Get Out" (2017),  $176 million

8.  "Halloween" (2018),  $159.3 million

9.  "Scary Movie" (2000),  $159 million

10.  "What Lies Beneath" (2000),  $155.4 million



**A new survey found it's finally becoming acceptable to use emojis at your job.

The researchers found 22.5% of Americans say they now REGULARLY use emojis in business emails. 

55% of people think emojis can be useful at work because they help convey a "tone," which can help avoid misunderstandings.  And 35% like to use them because they're quicker when you're responding to someone on your phone.

The survey also found that when we're not at work, we're all constantly using emojis.  The average person uses 34.7 emojis PER DAY between their emails, messages, and social media posts.

And men use more than women on a daily basis, 35.9 per day versus 32.8 per day.