96 Second News: JJ Watt Breaks Kid's Bike At Texans Practice; 'The Little Mermaid' Live Concert Is Coming

It was a total accident, (a pretty funny one) and JJ will replace the bike!

August 6, 2019

**Before the Texans and Packers held a joint practice on Monday, J.J. Watt finally got to participate in the Green Bay tradition of players riding a kid's bike to practice, something he said was "a dream he had as a kid."

And then he broke the bike...OOPS.

According to ABC 13, "The bike that I was using was not equipped for a 290-pound man, and the seat broke off. We have purchased a new bike for the boy. So, I apologize for that."

Watt later upgraded his bike to a larger model to finish off the ride, and will be replacing the bike that he broke. 


**It was unclear whether ABC and "American Idol" could afford to bring back their three judges:  KATY PERRY, LIONEL RITCHIE, and LUKE BRYAN.  But now, they announced that they'll ALL be back for their third season together.

There's no word on the terms of their deals.  As you may recall, Katy's original contract paid her $25 million per season.

RYAN SEACREST's status is still up in the air.  An ABC exec said, quote, "I don't believe he'll be missing.  We're in ongoing conversations with Ryan about returning, and I'm hopeful that he will."  This will be the show's 18th season overall.



**In addition to the live-action remake of Disney’s ‘The Little Mermaid,’ they're also doing a live CONCERT on ABC that'll incorporate songs from both the original movie and the Broadway version.

Ariel will be voiced by AULI'I CRAVALHO . . . who was the voice of Moana.  QUEEN LATIFAH will play Ursula the Sea Witch, and SHAGGY will be Ariel's buddy Sebastian.

There will be intricate sets and costumes, and the live performances will be interwoven with clips from the original film.

It'll air November 5th as part of the "Wonderful World of Disney" franchise.



**Spoiler etiquette is now a big deal these days, so a new British survey asked 2,000 people how long the 'no spoilers' rule should last . . . and it actually came up with a definitive answer.

According to the results, you need to wait:  33 hours after a TV show airs and 10 days after a movie is released. 

That makes sense though:  Don't talk about a TV show episode the next day . . . wait at least a day after that.  And don't drop spoilers about a movie until it's been in theaters for at least two full weekends.

The only tricky thing is:  How does this apply to a Netflix series like "Stranger Things", which drop an entire season at a time.  The survey didn't cover that scenario.

And they didn't ask about sporting events . . . but I'd say that should only be a few hours, at best.


**In kind of absurd Hollywood news...

It appears that actress DAKOTA JOHNSON had the gap between her front teeth closed, and fans are really upset about it.

Dakota showed off her “new look” over the weekend at the London premiere of her new movie "Peanut Butter Falcon".

And her followers are already mourning the loss.  One person Tweeted, quote, "Logged on to find out that Dakota Johnson, the only person who should have a gap in their teeth, got rid of hers . . . please Venmo me during this difficult time."

Dakota didn't have the most pronounced gap, but it was big enough that she made a funny video for "Vanity Fair" a few years ago, showing off how much she could fit in there.



**According to a new study out of England, when couples had DESSERT on a first date, they were twice as likely to go out again as couples who didn't. And it's not just ordering the dessert that's important . . . the act of sharing it is the key.

The researchers found that the act of literally FEEDING the other person a bite of dessert on your fork was a big sign that a couple had chemistry.

93% of couples that fed each other dessert on a first date said they wanted to get together again . . . versus 43% of couples that didn't share food. 



**Music festival season is in full swing, and a new survey polled more than 1,800 people at 16 festivals to determine what annoys us the most at music festivals.

According to a survey, the average person they talked to had been to EIGHT festivals.  46 percent had driven at least two hours to get to a festival, and 25 percent had either driven six hours or flown to one. Here's the Top 7:

1.  Going to the bathroom outside of the Porta-Potties.

2.  Holding up signs.

3.  Smelly bodies.

4.  Moshing / Crowd Surfing.

5.  Sneaking in or sharing bracelets.

6.  Taking video during a set.

7.  Pushing to the front during a set.


**When are you the most ADVENTUROUS in your life?  Apparently when you're old enough to be able to afford to do adventurous stuff . . . but still young enough to take risks without really thinking of the consequences.

According to a new study, the age when we're most adventurous is . . . 34.

The study also found we spend more than $2,000-a-year on adventurous activities like trips . . . experiences like rock climbing or skydiving . . . and trying exotic foods.

And some of the top signs that someone's an adventurous person are:  They're open to new experiences . . . spontaneous . . . curious about other cultures . . . willing to try new foods . . . and they follow their dreams.


**According to a new study out of England, playing a game on your phone is just as relaxing as meditating . . . maybe even MORE relaxing. 

The researchers had some people play a game on their phone to unwind after a day of work . . . and had some people use a mindfulness app to do breathing and meditation exercises.

And they found the people who played the game wound up feeling more relaxed than the people who meditated.  The more they liked the game, the more relaxed they felt. And . . . the people who meditated felt progressively WORSE the more days they did it.

The researchers say the study shows there's a, quote, "real benefit" to unwinding after work with a game that's immersing, distracting, fun, challenging, and makes you feel like you're in control.  


**42-year-old Clauvino da Silva is currently serving a 73-year prison sentence for drug trafficking in Rio de Janeiro.  And on Saturday, he tried to escape.

The plan?  His 19-year-old daughter came to visit him . . . and he disguised himself as her to try to leave.  That involved putting on a black bra, a pink t-shirt with donuts and hearts on it, tight jeans, a silicone mask of her face, and a long black wig.

And the costume was good enough that it actually MIGHT'VE worked . . . except the guards noticed the "daughter" was acting nervously so they took a closer look and realized it was da Silva.

As he took off the disguise, they took a video, which is now circulating around online.

He's been transferred to a maximum security prison and he'll be facing sanctions.  And his daughter might've been in on the plan, since she was going to stay behind in jail . . . so she could face charges too.