96 Second News: J.Lo/Shakira Superbowl Halftime Performers

These two ladies will bring the heat to Miami for the big game in February!

September 27, 2019

**JENNIFER LOPEZ and SHAKIRA are teaming up to co-headline the Super Bowl Halftime Show on February 2nd at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami.

J-Lo says, quote, "Ever since I saw Diana Ross fly off into the sky at the Halftime Show, I dreamed of performing at the Super Bowl.  And now it's made even more special not only because it's the NFL's 100th anniversary, but also because I am performing with a fellow Latina.  I can't wait to show what us girls can do on the world's biggest stage."

Shakira added, quote, "This is a true American dream and we are going to bring the show of a lifetime!" She also noted that it's her birthday.  (She'll be 43.)

Other performers are expected to be added, but there's no word who just yet. (For those who don't remember, Diana Ross flew off in a helicopter after her halftime performance at Super Bowl 30 in 1996.  That's what J-Lo was referring to.)



**On Twitter the other night, CHRISSY TEIGEN revealed that she ate an entire package of Oreos. But it was a package of those MYSTERY Oreos, and she was just trying to figure out the flavor.  She also loved how they, quote, "sent this giant escape room-like mystery package for their mystery flavor.  Little clues all over."

In all, Chrissy spent several hours eating 30 Oreos, reading a "found grocery list," calling mystery phone numbers, and reading a map.

So, after all this research, did Chrissy figure out the mystery flavor?  She said, quote, "I believe we are either working with French toast or Cinnamon Toast Crunch here.  It's very buttery.  It is an excellent cookie.  I need another box to confirm." 




1.  "Abominable"  (PG) 

An animated Dreamworks movie about a captured yeti that escapes from a Shanghai lab and the young girl who helps him get back to his mountain home.  She's played by Chloe Bennett, who you know as Skye / Daisy on "Marvel's Agents of SHIELD".

Sarah Paulson is a zoologist trying to stop them, with an army of mercenaries hired by Eddie Izzard.

2.  "Judy"  (PG-13) 

Renee Zellweger plays Judy Garland in the final year of her life, as she moves to London in the winter of 1968 to perform a series of concerts at a famous nightclub called Talk of the Town.

Finn Wittrock from "American Horror Story" plays Mickey Deans, Judy's fifth and final husband.  They were married in March of 1969 and she overdosed three months later.  Michael Gambon plays the club owner.

3.  "The Day Shall Come"  (Unrated) 

Anna Kendrick is an FBI agent running a shady operation to create propaganda by overinflating a threat to national security in order to make the U.S. look good when they arrest the "major terrorist" that they've set up to take the fall.  

A relatively unknown actor named Marchant Davis is a small-time Miami street preacher they try to entrap.  But when he doesn't take the bait, their plans escalate to ridiculous extremes.


**This Sunday is National Coffee Day.  And even though every town in America has multiple Starbucks, a new survey found most of us still make it at home.

89% of Americans make at least one cup of coffee at home in an average week.  The top reasons are convenience . . . cost . . . and it's part of our routine.  Here are a few more new stats on America's coffee-drinking habits . . .

1.  87% of us look forward to our first cup of coffee in the morning.

2.  79% of us add something to our coffee, like cream and sugar.  (Or maybe a little booze?)  Older Americans are more likely than Millennials to drink their coffee black.

3.  73% of us find making coffee therapeutic.

4.  60% agreed another benefit of brewing coffee is it makes your home smell good.

You can get a free coffee and donut at Krispy Kreme on Sunday, no purchase necessary.  Dunkin' Donuts has a buy-one-get-one coffee deal.  Circle K is giving out free coffee if you use their app . . .

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has free coffee if you order food.  White Castle has free coffee with any order.  And if your name is "Joe" and Sunday's your birthday, you can enter to win a free Keurig. 


**Netflix recently bought the streaming rights to "Seinfeld" for at least half a BILLION dollars.  Was it worth it?  I guess we'll find out when it officially debuts in 2021.

But it was definitely worth it for at least two people:  JERRY SEINFELD and LARRY DAVID.  A source that supposedly has knowledge of the deal says they're getting between $100 million and $125 million EACH.

Another source claims it's even more.  Nobody from Netflix or the Seinfeld or David camps will confirm it.



**Few things can make a long flight more unpleasant than sitting next to a crying infant, so one airline wants to help passengers avoid that.

Japan Airlines has a new tool that shows where passengers with kids between 8 days and 2 years old are sitting. Other passengers can view the map before selecting their own seats, giving them a chance to find one further away - or at least emotionally prepare for the flight if one isn't available.

The airline says only passengers who book on its website can see babies on the seat map.

Japan Airlines also offers several amenities to the families themselves, including bottle-warming assistance, diapers and child-friendly entertainment.

ABC 13


**GWYNETH PALTROW loves her kids, but they're teenagers.  And that means raising them comes with its own set of ups and downs.

On the "Today" show yesterday, SAVANNAH GUTHRIE asked Gwyneth what she has to look forward to when HER kids are teens.

Gwyneth said, quote, "It's the best.  They're really coming into themselves.  They're hilarious.  They're smart.  They can talk.  They can sort of muse about things . . . it's the greatest." She added that they can be a pain sometimes.  But she used a bad word that starts with the letter D.  And she got bleeped, of course.

Savannah said, quote, "We don't usually put a 7-second delay on when Gwyneth comes on."  And Gwyneth said, quote, "Sorry about that.  Sorry!  Sorry America!"



**JUSTIN and HAILEY BIEBER got married at a courthouse last year . . . but they're having a more formal ceremony in front of family and friends on Monday.

On Wednesday of this week, Hailey had a bachelorette night with KENDALL JENNER and some other friends in L.A. Kendall arranged the whole thing. 

A source says, quote, "There was lots of screaming and giggling.  It was the classic bachelorette party with all the fun props and silly toys.  Hailey wasn't shy and got right to it playing with everything and posing for photos." 

"She had a very fun and memorable night with her girlfriends letting loose," the insider says.



**There are basically two types of people in this world:  People who have zero unread emails in their inbox . . . and people who have thousands.  If you're in the second group, this is for you.  It's four tips on how to get your email inbox under control.

1.  Sign up for browser extensions.  There are several Gmail extensions that can help you unsubscribe from several email lists at once. Others that can delete and respond to emails without even opening your email.  And ones to remind you of important messages you still need to respond to.

2.  Respond to important messages when they come in. 

3.  Use the search feature.  Chances are you have several unread emails from the same sender.  So use the search tool.  For example, if you search for "LinkedIn," you might get hundreds of results you can easily delete at once.

4.  Unsubscribe from lists.  If you've signed up for too many newsletters and other lists, start unsubscribing to them as they come in.