96 Second News: 'Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club' Not Returning; Ed Sheeran Posts New Album Track List

Lindsay's show only lasted 1 season on MTV, and it's not coming back...

June 19, 2019

**"Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club" may be closed for good.  According to the "New York Post", MTV isn't bringing the show back for a second season.

Ratings weren't great, but a source says MTV was also disappointed by the lack of drama.  Quote, "They wanted 'breakdowns.'  That's not where [Lindsay> is at with her life anymore."

Even the club itself is gone.  One person who had reservations was just informed that they won't be opening this season. 

And a social media commenter who was in Greece last month says, quote, "They advertised being open for [the> summer season, specifically late May.  We drove past and it's literally [deserted> . . . The Lohan sign is stripped off."



**Ed Sheeran has shared the full track list for his upcoming project, No.6 Collaborations Project – and it’s filled with a ton of artists you already love.

Ed has already released his collabs with Justin Bieber and Chance the Rapper.

Ed shared about the collabs, “I’m a huge fan of all of the artists I worked with on the album. Whether I’ve been following them since the beginning of their careers, or had their albums on repeat, they’re artists that inspire me and all bring something special to each track. Can’t wait for you to hear it!”

Cardi B, Camila Cabello, Khalid, Eminem, Travis Scott, Bruno Mars, Stormzy and more are all featured on the project.



**Netflix says that their new ADAM SANDLER / JENNIFER ANISTON comedy "Murder Mystery" has smashed their opening weekend record.

According to them, 30,869,863 accounts watched "Murder Mystery" in its first THREE DAYS, which is the biggest opening weekend ever for a Netflix movie.  There were 13,374,914 accounts in the U.S. and Canada . . . and another 17,494,949 worldwide. 

It's on pace to break Netflix's record for first-week views, which was set by "Bird Box" last December with 45 million views.


**"SpongeBob SquarePants" is 20 YEARS OLD, and they're having a big celebration at Comic-Con in San Diego this summer. Nickelodeon also released two really cool posters.

One has every character who's EVER appeared on the show on it.  And the other one has every celebrity who's done a guest voice over the past 20 years . . . in cartoon form, of course.

It's an impressive list that includes . . .Amy Poehler, Andy Samberg, Betty White, Bob Barker, David Bowie, Dee Snider, Dennis Quaid, Ed Asner, Gene Simmons, Henry Winkler, Ian McShane, Jon Hamm, Kristen Wiig, Mark Hamill . . .

Pat "Mr. Miyagi" Morita, Patton Oswalt, R. Lee Ermey, Ray Liotta, Steve Buscemi, Adam West and Burt Ward from the old "Batman" TV show, and Victoria Beckham.



**Mr. Peanut Just Released a Line of Basketball Shoes

Celebrity endorsements can sometimes really help sell your product, but not sure about this celeb endorsement to sell basketball shoes . . . There's a new line of basketball shoes coming out from . . . MR. PEANUT. 

The shoes are called "Crunch Force 1" and they're blue, yellow, and black . . . with Mr. Peanut's face on the tongue and the word "Planters" on the heel.  So if you're interested in ballin' like Mr. Peanut, they go on sale Friday at CrunchForce1.com for $170. 



**Former football player BRETT FAVRE spent a lot of time retiring, then coming out of retirement. So much so, that it actually became quite the running joke.

Yesterday Brett announced that he was coming out of retirement AGAIN . . . this time on Instagram.  But . . . he later said that he'd been HACKED.

The original post said, quote, "A true champion sticks to his or her calling.  I'll be coming out of retirement, and making my return to play in the NFL for the 2020 season. Stay tuned for more."

It was deleted in less than 30 minutes. The hackers apparently didn't understand that the upcoming season is 2019, not 2020. Brett's people are trying to figure out who hacked him.



**Social media culture is making famous people no longer want to take photos with fans . . . because it's become more about bragging rights on Instagram than about sharing a moment. JIM CARREY is the latest.  He says he flat out refuses to take photos with people now, and he doesn't feel bad about it.

Quote, "I don't feel there's a pressing responsibility to please everyone.  I'm not unkind to people, but I'd much prefer saying 'hello,' and 'who are you,' and 'what are you doing today?,' to giving a selfie.  Because selfies stop life.”

Here are a few other celebrities who are don't want photos with fans in public: Chris Pratt recently said he doesn't take photos with fans for the same reason . . . social media devalues the experience.  Panic! At the Disco won't do it on their downtime on tour, because they think it's creepy when everyone knows where they're staying.

Jennifer Lawrence won't do it for safety concerns, and she's perfectly fine coming across as "rude" about it.  The same goes for Amy Schumer. Russell Crowe won't do it if he's with his kids, because he doesn't want their time with him stolen away.

Justin Bieber and Sean Penn say the photos make them feel like "zoo animals," and Kit Harington says it makes him feel like a mannequin.



**Houston Astros second baseman Jose Altuve will be activated Wednesday and is "ready to go" in his return from a strained left hamstring, manager A.J. Hinch said Tuesday.

"I feel pretty good," Altuve told reporters in the Astros' locker room. "My confidence is up. I'm just ready to come here and play again and help the team."

Altuve has not played for the Astros since May 10 because of his hamstring injury. He has played five games at Triple-A Round Rock in a rehab assignment.

"It's been forever," Altuve said. "But at the same time it's helped me a lot that the guys have been playing so good and winning a lot of games. Makes me feel better about not playing."

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