96 Second News: Nick Jonas And John Stamos Get Into Funny Twitter "Fight"; Daylight Savings Is This Weekend

We hope that Nick and John's "feud" never ends!

March 8, 2019

**NICK JONAS and JOHN STAMOS are having a fun social media back-and-forth. 

Nick fired the first shot last weekend when he posted a picture of himself on Instagram, wearing a hoodie with John's picture on it.  He captioned it, "It's your move."

And John responded with a picture of himself sleeping peacefully in bed . . . on a pillow with Nick's picture on it.  And he said, quote, "I had the craziest dream last night."

Even the Jonas Brothers' own Twitter feed gave him props. Hopefully this “feud” isn’t over so soon.



**Daylight Saving Time starts this Sunday.  Meaning we spring forward an hour, and get more daylight in the evening, but we lose an hour of sleep.

So here's a question:  What do you prefer?  When we spring forward, or when we fall back and get to sleep in the next day?

A new survey asked over 1,000 Americans.  And slightly more people prefer when we spring forward and get more daylight.

35% said it's better . . . 28% prefer it when we fall back, because they get to sleep in . . . and everyone else either wasn't sure, or didn't have a preference.

The survey also found 54% of Americans wish we'd just eliminate the time change altogether.  So more than half of us are now on board with that idea.

When people were asked WHY we still do it, the five most common answers were . . .

To conserve energy . . . so farmers have more time to work . . . so people can make better use of their evening hours . . . because it's too complicated to stop observing it . . . and for economic reasons. 



**There's a New Candle That Smells Like McDonald's Cheeseburgers

The inside of my car already smells like fast food.  Now my whole HOUSE can too?  A company in Australia is selling a new scented candle that supposedly smells exactly like McDonald's CHEESEBURGERS.

It's called "The Maccas Run" candle, because Australians call McDonald's "Maccas" for short.  They say it smells like a combination of beef, onions, pickles, ketchup, mustard, and cheese.

They're on sale at GreyLines.com.au for about $20, plus shipping.  Each candle has roughly 30 hours of burn time.


**It's not uncommon for actors to take a little something from their movie and TV sets . . . either as a memento, or for some other purpose. Buzzfeed put together a list of 29 Items That Actors Actually Stole from TV or Movie Sets.

1.  Chris Hemsworth has several of Thor's hammers from the Marvel movies.  He even keeps one in his bathroom.

2.  Kristen Stewart took two rings from the "Twilight" movies:  Bella's engagement ring, and a mood ring Bella's mom gave her.

3.  Chris Pratt took Star-Lord's red jacket from "Guardians of the Galaxy" . . . but he did it so he could wear it when he visits children's hospitals.

4.  Daniel Radcliffe has his glasses from the first "Harry Potter" movie and the last.

5.  Sophia Bush took the check that Millie wrote to Brooke when Clothes Over Bros first opened on "One Tree Hill".

6.  Neil Patrick Harris took Barney's playbook from the set of "How I Met Your Mother".  He also snagged the booth that the gang used to sit in at McLaren's Pub.

7.  Aaron Paul stole Gus Fring's blown-off head from the set of "Breaking Bad".  He keeps it in his living room.

8.  Jenna Fischer from "The Office" took the hair clip Pam wore almost every day.

9.  Ryan Reynolds took a "Deadpool" suit.  And Andrew Garfield swiped his costume from "The Amazing Spider-Man 2".

10.  Ralph Macchio took Daniel's headband and trophy from "The Karate Kid" . . . and later got the infamous "wax on, wax off" car.


**ALFONSO RIBEIRO has dropped his lawsuit against "Fortnite" for using the 'Carlton Dance' that he did on "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air".  His lawyers say he's voluntarily dismissing the suit.

No reason was given, but his case was dealt a big blow last month, when the U.S. Copyright Office rejected his attempt to copyright the dance. 

At the time, a registration specialist said it was not registrable, because the moves are a "simple dance routine."  Alfonso previously dropped a similar lawsuit against the makers of "NBA 2K".



**New in Theaters:

1.  "Captain Marvel"  (PG-13)  

Marvel's first stand-alone movie for a female superhero stars Brie Larson as Carol Danvers.  She's a human test pilot with no memory of her previous life, who's been trained by a race of blue aliens to fight shape-shifting green aliens called the Skrull.

Samuel L. Jackson has a larger role in this pre-Avengers movie.  The action takes place in the '90s, so when she returns to Earth and meets Nick Fury for the first time, he still has his hair and both of his eyes.  He's also digitized to look younger.

Clark Gregg rides shotgun for Fury as his MCU character Agent Coulson, and Jude Law plays a warrior who mentors Captain Marvel in space.  Annette Bening is also in it and has a major role in the origin story of how Carol Danvers gets her powers.

As you probably know, this is the first Marvel movie to hit theaters since Stan Lee died in November.  So in addition to his regular cameo, "Captain Marvel" also opens with a touching tribute.

2.  "The Kid"  (R) 

Vincent D'Onofrio directs this western about a boy and his sister who bond with Billy the Kid just before Pat Garrett takes him into custody.  They're on the run from their uncle, Chris Pratt, because the boy shot their dad after he beat their mom to death.

Ethan Hawke plays Pat Garrett, Dane DeHaan is Billy, Vincent D'Onofrio's daughter Leila George plays the kid's sister, and D'Onofrio makes a cameo as someone trying to claim the reward on Billy the Kid's head for himself.


**Star Wars fans, the wait is almost over. We finally know when "Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge" will be open, and it's sooner than you think!

Disney announced on Thursday that the parks will be opening ahead of schedule. The Disneyland Park will be opening in Southern California on May 31, and the Disney World park will be opening in Orlando on August 29.

So what can guests expect when they hit the park? In a description released last week, the setting was described as "an abandoned, ancient base encircled by forests, mountains, and rivers on the outskirts of Black Spire Outpost" that was set up by the Resistance as they fight the First Order. 

D23, Disney's official fan club, also confirmed that the park will be inhabited by some familiar faces, including Rey, Finn, Poe Dameron, BB-8, and Chewbacca-and even members of the First Order. 

Check out more about the food options, the retailers, the rides and more here:

ABC 13


**Jeremy Taylor, who's car was stranded in central Oregon snow for five days, made headlines earlier this week for saying he survived by eating taco sauce packets and starting the engine of his car periodically to warm up. 

He told his rescuers he and his dog, Ally, became stuck in deep snow on a U.S. Forest Service road later that same day. He slept in his car and when he awoke Monday, more snow had fallen. 

Jeremy wrote on his Facebook page, "Thank you everyone, I'm safe my Ally dog is safe. I really appreciate all the help. Got lucky, lets (sic) never do that again. I'll be in touch with everyone soon.

In response to a friend's Facebook comment about how he ate three Taco Bell hot sauce packets during the ordeal, he joked: "Taco Bell fire sauce saves lives!" 

Taco Bell thanked Taylor for all the free publicity and is now offering free Taco Bell for a year.